Welcome to another wonderful selection of maps created by the Profantasy user community. Let’s take a look at what our mappers came up with on the ProFantasy forum or the CC3+ Facebook group in July.

Mythal82 undertook a project to convert a Watabou-generated map into the Ferraris style by Sue Daniel, and look at what was achieved!
Grisfend Harbour
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Let’s enjoy another wonderful selection of user maps – all posted on the ProFantasy forum or the CC3+ Facebook group in June 2023.

Dak‘s Oriental Inn brings up wonderful memories of mine of playing Bushido and the Oriental Adventures for D&D.
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It looks like the ProFantasy community was extremely busy in May, I can’t remember ever having that many maps to look through. Great work! Here are the ones I’ve picked out for you to browse, but don’t forget to check out the Facebook group and forum for more!

The ineffably named TheIneffableCheese shared this wonderful map in the 13th Age style, which always has a special place in my heart.
The Hinterlands by TheIneffableCheese
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We have another fine selection of community maps for you. See what the community came up with in May and don’t forget to check out the Facebook group and forum for more!

Trencept Province by Stephen St John is a great showing of Sue Daniel Spectrum Overland style.
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I am a bit late with looking back on the maps of last month, but certainly not too late! Check out this awesome works posted in March.

Ricko Hasche has been extremely busy lately, and it was hard work to select just a couple of his wonderful maps to showcase.
Mr Igor Inn
City Map
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I’m excited to have another wonderful parade of user maps for you, this time from February of this year. If you like any of them (and I’m sure you will), head over to their respective posts on the forum or Facebook (click the image to do so), and comment and like their work. I’m sure they will appreciate that!

Daniel Pereda De Pablo‘s work is always amazing, so starting with The Icebox dungeon map was a no brainer for me.

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The new year is a month and bit old, and the CC3+ community has been busy as beavers in creating new maps already. Let’s have a look at some of the wonderful maps they shared in January.

Daniel Pereda De Pablo created this amazong floorplan of the Temple of Shinare, using the Cities and Dungeons of Schley styles.
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Unsurprisingly December is usually a little quieter in terms of map-making (Christmas, end of the year, etc.) and last month was no exception. But still there were plenty of wonderful map projects going on and results being share by the community. So here are a few semi-random picks:

Jean-Claude Tremblay took last year’s Winter Village style and created this wonderfully season-appropriate settlement.
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The Holidays are closing in an I though everybody would be busy with preparations for the festivities, but there seems to be now slowdown in the creation of new maps on the forum and FB community. We already presented some fresh Symbol Set 6 maps here, but there was plenty of other material as well. So take a gander at some of the beautiful stuff the community produces in November.

An unnamed 13th Age map by Julian Dracos

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After a little (just a little) quieter time in the summer months, the number of posted maps on the forum and FB group is picking up again and it’s getting harder to look through them all. But that means more wonderful maps for us to marvel at!

We start with the Elemental Nations by Ricko Hasche and a wonderful use of the 13th Age overland style.
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