Maps of the Month: December 2022

Unsurprisingly December is usually a little quieter in terms of map-making (Christmas, end of the year, etc.) and last month was no exception. But still there were plenty of wonderful map projects going on and results being share by the community. So here are a few semi-random picks:

Jean-Claude Tremblay took last year’s Winter Village style and created this wonderfully season-appropriate settlement.
Winter Village

Much greener (anyone having dreams of spring?) is the Forest Trail map by Matt Finch using Sue Daniel’s recent symbol set of the same name.

EdE’s ambush site map titles “Dead Tree Fort” (though I like the alternative title Otter Hollow even better) uses the same style for a simple but gorgeous battle map.

We’ve seen bits and pieces of John Simpson Wedge’s Dwarven Campaign maps before, but this is the first time he’s presented them in their A0 printed glory.

Similarly, Jeff B had his Endoria map printed as a banner and just had to share the magnificence of the final result.

Kenneth Feller combines the Ferraris style with symbols from the recent Isometric Symbols set to neatly highlight significant buildings in the town for Forgeston.

The Isle of Dread by Talaraska showcases the wonderful Spectrum Overland style.

Last bit not least thisSci Fi Troop Carrier starship by Chris Eades was done in Cosmographer’s Deckplan Bitmap style.

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