ZariqHello map-makers! Our apologies for the slightly delayed newsletter this month; Ralf was enjoying a couple of weeks off. But he’s back now, and we have your regulary monthly mapping goodness for you.




Here is the list of live mapping sessions we have done on YouTube since the last newsletter, in case you missed any!

Due to my holiday we are a little later than usual with the Maps of the (previous) Month, but that doesn’t mean we are going to skip them. The maps created in our community are just too wonderful not to share them. As always, this is is just a small, pretyt random collection of maps that caought my eye. Thank you everybody for sharing your work and keep up the mapping!

Ricken used Pär Lindström regional style n the black and white version and combined it wit a couple symbols from Mike Schley to create this stylish map of the Ravenloft Subcontinent.

Ravenloft Subcontinent

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With this month’s free content by Mike Schley, we venture out into the vastness of the ocean. Ships, islands, sea monsters and other ocean features make up the Coastal Symbols pack that builds upon the symbols of the Mike Schley overland style of CC3+.

To download the free content go to your registration page and on the Downloads tab, click the download button for Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus. Mike’s new symbols are the last link in the list (see image on the right). All the content up to and including October 2021 is included in the one download.

You can always check the available monthly content on our dedicated page.

Paper OutpostThe October issue of the Cartographer’s Annual 2021 contains the “Colonial Outpost” map pack, a large collection of pre-drawn buildings for science fiction gaming scenery. It depicts a colonial outpost or settlement with prefabricated houses, a variety of add-ons like a satellite dish, walls, and other little scenery pieces.

The sets are included as pdfs for immediate printing, but you can also modify and adjust the existing CC3+ drawings, as well as create your own designs with the accompanying drawing style. Dioramas 3 is not required to make use of the sets, but will be very useful, if you want to draw your own buildings. Cosmographer 3 can be useful for further flash out the scenery with additional symbols and textures.

The October issue is now available for all subscribers from their registration page. If you haven’t subscribed to the Annual 2021 yet, you can do so here.

The latest CC3+ update is currently in beta, and you can download it from your registration page over at the main ProFantasy website if you wish to try it out. Of course, this is a beta, so only install it if you don’t mind potentially running into glitches and other issues (this is why we test new versions before releasing them after all)

In this article, I will take a short look at the new features that appear in this version. If you have the beta installed, you will have them right now, but if not, you will get access to them when we release the finished version of the update. In any case, there are several nice new features waiting for you in this update.

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Wyvern CitadelIt is high-time we announce the Master Mapper award for 2020, though with all the wonderful commnunity activity going on, it’s not been an easy choice this year. One mapper stood out for us though, not only because of the sheer amoung of wonderful maps they created, but also due to their helpfulness to other mappers, as well as the inventiveness their map-making showed. It’s our forum member Alastair McBeath (Wyvern), who we name Master Mapper of 2020. Congratulations and thanks!

Alastair has been with us on the community forum since 2013, and the number of maps he has shared since then is innumerable. With the Master Mapper title we want to specifically thank him for:


  • Creating many beautiful and innovative maps and sharing them with the community.
  • Lively discussions, active help and always being welcoming in the Profantasy community.
  • Coming up with new ways to use Campaign Cartographer’s tools and assets, and sharing these with his fellow map-makers.
  • Contributing to the toolset of Campaign Cartographer via the Cartographer’s Annual.

So, thank you, Alastair, we are looking forward to all the future maps you will come up with!

Dwarven StructuresHello fellow map-makers! Let’s have a look what the last month brought us mapping-wise, shall we?




Here is the list of live mapping sessions we have done on YouTube since the last newsletter, just in case you missed any!

We have another gallery of wonderful user maps posted on the Profantasy forum and in the Facebook CC3+ community last month. All for you to browse and admire!

“Schopp und Umland” by Ute Gundacker is a WW2-style map from an actual village in my home country, so I really needed to include this, even if it had been any less beautiful.
Schopp und Umland

Calibre is so prolific, and creates such beautiful maps, that I had to include two of them for the August gallery.
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