Dear fellow map-makers! May is here and we are looking forward to the summer.


  • The free monthly symbols for this month are a special highlight, as Mike Schley has created some amazing structure symbols for a Dark Empire in his overland style.
  • The May issue of the Annual 2022 is available, featuring an overlay style for computer networks and other electronic systems.



  • We have a new Master Mapper in our roster of awesome cartographers. Read about the work of Hans Anders Bergström, our Master Mapper of 2021.
  • As travel restriction are being lifted and events are happening at a larger scale again, you’ll find ProFantasy at GenCon again this year, meaning we have to travel to Indianapolis.


Exhibit HallIt’s been more than two years that I’ve done any travels for ProFantasy and it makes me very happy that I can say that I’ll finally be in the US and Indianapolis again this coming August. I’ve been missing this.

Of course it’s GenCon that is bringing Profantasy and me there. The show takes place from August 4th to 7th as usual at the Indianapolis Convention Center. Thousands of gamers descend upon the city for that event, and I’m really looking forward to seeing many old friends again, as well as wandering the exhibitors’ hall and actually playing some games.

IndyYou’ll find as sharing a booth with our sister company Pelgrane Press again, actual booth numbers will be announced closer to the show. Personally I’ll be at the booth most of the time, demoing CC3+ and talking to any of the map-makers stopping by. Stop by and say hello if you are GenCon this year.

Travelling to Indianapolis can be exhausting, as there are no direct flights to and from Germany. I’ve been stuck at Newark, Detroit and Chicago in the past, most often on the way back as the International flights don’t wait for any delayed domestic ones. But that’s part of travelling and I usually don’t mind it much – it just becomes another story to tell. Still, fingers crossed that my first intercontinental flights in years go off without a hitch. See you in Indy!

Dear map-makers! Another month has passed and it’s time to look back and collect some of the wonderful maps (and other drawings) created by the community. So take a break, sit back and enjoy the mapping work that others (or you!) have done in April.

EukalyptusNow used the Serpentine City style to create Siaiola a fantasy version of Venice.
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Here is the list of live mapping sessions we have done since the last month. We hope you enjoy them and learn about using CC3+!

What’s a good fantasy world without an evil empire that wants to rule everything with an iron fist? Iron gates, spiky towers and gloomy buildings rise from bleak lands where this empire holds sway. 20 new stucture symbols by Mike Schley give you the tools to depict the settlements and fortifications of a militaristic Dark Empire in May’s symbol catalog.

To download the free content go to your registration page and on the Downloads tab, click the download button for Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus. Mike’s new symbols are the last link in the list. All the content up to and including April 2022 is included in the one download.

You can always check the available monthly content on our dedicated page.

TCA185 Exploration Basehe May issue of the Cartographer’s Annual is now available. It allows you to create an architecture layout of a computer network (or similar), either as a stand-alone map or an overlay on an existing drawing. Add a computer network to a research installation to create a new attack vector for your cyberpunk hacker, or to the enemy starship for your sensor and electronic expert to contend with.

The Annual issue provides both a full template wizard to create these maps from scratch as well as a drawing part to import into any existing map as an overlay. The mapping guide takes you through the slightly more elaborate process of adding the overlay.

The May issue is now available for all subscribers from their registration page. If you haven’t subscribed to the Annual 2022 yet, you can do so here.

MirkwoodIt is my pleasure to announce the Master Mapper of 2021, the yearly title we bestow on the most outstanding map-maker of the ProFantasy community. It is never been an easy choice, seeing all the wonderful maps created by our map-makers, but in the end we all agreed on a name for 2021: Hans Anders Bergström, or Lillhans as he is know on the forum. He created an insane amount of highly innovative and wonderful maps, inventing his very own technique of simulating water colors and hand-drawn lines in the process, astounding the whole community and us with what could be achieved with the tools at hand. We therefore name him the Master Mapper of 2021. Congratulations and thanks!

Hans Anders has been with us on the community forum since 2019, and the number of maps he has shared in that relatively short time is immense. With the Master Mapper title we want to specifically thank him for:

  • Creating lots of highly innovative maps and shared his creation process with the community.
  • Starting and participating in lively discussions, helping actively and contributing to the shared skill set in the Profantasy community.
  • Coming up with new and unexpected ways to use Campaign Cartographer’s tools and freely sharing them with the other map-makers of the community.
  • Contributed to the resources available for Campaign Cartographer via the Cartographer’s Annual.

So, thank you Anders, we are looking forward to all the future maps, styles and symbols you will come up with!

Accordo - Lizzy_MaracujaDear fellow map-makers! Another months has passed and spring (a little reluctantly here) makes itself slowly felt. While I’m eagerly awaiting warmer weather to head out into the woods and properly start my hiking season, the cool weather also gave me plenty of time for map-making and some of my own work spilled over into ProFantasy work, resulting in the latest Annual style. I hope you enjoy it, as well as all the other cool stuff we have for you this month.


  • The free monthly symbols for this month provide mapping material for the magic and unusual places of the work in Mike Schley’s overland style.
  • The April issue of the Annual 2022 is available, featuring a new modern, local area style for “Tactical Maps”.



  • Remy Monsen complements his recent live video on drawing tools with an article on Advanced Drawing Tools.
  • I ponder the future of the Free Monthly Symbols and ask your for your input on their future.


Monthly Symbols Example Part 1

Our freely available small monthly symbol sets, created by Mike Schley have been very popular (no surprise there!), and we are now nearing the completion of the first full year. The big example map that I use to try out and show all the symbols has become a wonderful, sprawling mess depicting lots of weird places and happenings.

So far all the symbols have been for overland maps and we are considering a variation in theme once we reach June and the second year of the program. There are still lots of ideas for overland maps, but we would also like mappers to profit from the free symbols, who are not doing so many overland maps.

Monthly Symbols Example Part 2

It will still be Mike doing them, and currently we are thinking of doing dungeon symbols for a while, complementing his Dungeons of Schley style. But of course we’d like to hear from you, what you would like to see in the free monhtly symbols.

Should we stick with overland symbols for a while? Is the idea of Dungeon symbosl fine? Or would you like to see something else entirely. You can also submit more specific ideas for what should be in the sets, like what you would need in an overland map or dungeon floorplan.

Send us an email, post in the comments here, or head over to the Profantasy community forum and reply there.

A few weeks ago, I hosted a live stream taking a closer look at the drawing tools. Making this the perfect time to talk a bit more about the more advanced aspects of the drawing tools and how to utilize them properly and explaining a few things in more detail than appropriate for a stream.

Examples of advanced use of drawing tools is to draw aligned fills, drawing a path and have symbols placed along it or drawing a polygon and having it filled with randomly placed symbols. Basically, a lot of the things you can do using multiple steps with regular CC3+ commands can be automated and streamlined by making a drawing tool for it.

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