Welcome to our latest tour de force through some of the wonderful maps created by the ProFantasy user community. Let’s take a look at the bountiful crop of cartography from the the ProFantasy forum and the CC3+ Facebook group in October.

Talaraska created this splendid map of a Harvest festival including an amazon hedge maze. I want to get lost there!

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Let’s enjoy another wonderful selection of user maps – all posted on the ProFantasy forum or the CC3+ Facebook group in June 2023.

Dak‘s Oriental Inn brings up wonderful memories of mine of playing Bushido and the Oriental Adventures for D&D.
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I’m excited to have another wonderful parade of user maps for you, this time from February of this year. If you like any of them (and I’m sure you will), head over to their respective posts on the forum or Facebook (click the image to do so), and comment and like their work. I’m sure they will appreciate that!

Daniel Pereda De Pablo‘s work is always amazing, so starting with The Icebox dungeon map was a no brainer for me.

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The new year is a month and bit old, and the CC3+ community has been busy as beavers in creating new maps already. Let’s have a look at some of the wonderful maps they shared in January.

Daniel Pereda De Pablo created this amazong floorplan of the Temple of Shinare, using the Cities and Dungeons of Schley styles.
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Hello fellow map-makers, it’s time again to showcase some of the wonderful maps the community shared during the last month. There’s some really amazing work going on by all of you aut there, thank you very much!

Sue Daniel’s amazing Ferraris city style is truly one of our more advanced styles to work with, but look how splendid it looks when put together by Lizzy_Maracuja for her Accordo city map.
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I had real trouble limiting myself when choosing maps from the community for the Maps of the Month post for May, so there are quite a few more than usually. Check out what lovely work our mappers produced, it is incredible (and only the tip of the iceberg).

If you remeber the old dread gazebo D&D anecdote, you will probably get a little extra chuckle out of this little map by Daniel Pereda de Pablo (dapereda), created with the Mike Schley symbol sets.
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February saw many great maps posted in our community, many of them for the 500th Atlas Map competition that was running during the month. You can check those out (and vote for your favorites) here, so I won’t repeat them in this collection and showcase a few others instead.

Over on the forum AleD created a series of Viking-era maps, and this night scene of a breached palisade is just one of them. Check out the others by clicking on the image!
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November has come and gone and produced another fine crop of user maps on both the Profantasy forum and in the CC3+ FB Group. Here is a very small selection of them presented as the November installment of our popular Maps of the Month blog.

Near the beginning of the month Loopysue completed a map that Jerry Thiel started some time ago. Jerry is sadly no longer able to map but still finds pleasure in writing game scenarios. The Lakes of Michigami is a fantasy version of a real world location intended as the main campaign map.
Loopysue - Lake Michigami
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June was another great month with amazing user maps being posted both on the ProFantasy forum and the Facebook community. Let’s take a look at just a few examples!

Wyvern created this amazingly detailed map of an ant hive, using an old “modern cave” style from the Annual Vol 1.
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Dear Cartographer’s, thank you again for sharing all the wonderful work you do on the community forum and in the Facebook group. We can’t do justice to them all, here is just a small selection of the beautiful maps we’ve seen last month.

Mateus has been especially prolific last month, sharing many amazing maps. This one, the Ilha Rasa is just one of this works, created with the Dark Realms style from the Cartographer’s Annual 2016.
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