Maps of the Month – June 2023

Let’s enjoy another wonderful selection of user maps – all posted on the ProFantasy forum or the CC3+ Facebook group in June 2023.

Dak‘s Oriental Inn brings up wonderful memories of mine of playing Bushido and the Oriental Adventures for D&D.
Oriental Inn

HelenAA mapped the Wittan Islands in the Herwin Wielink overland style.
Wittan Islands

Eric McNeal is still mapping his own rpg setting. Here you see the Dwarven kingdom of Naled-Zhar.

The Village by the Lake is the first contribution by freshly-joined user Ebeneadeser, suing the Isometric Cities style from Symbol Set 6.
Village by the Lake

Ken Gatzemeyer is back after a little absence with the great side view of a pyramid and temple complex.
Temple Of Itlitch

DM Geezer Jim provides another useful gaming map – especially if you are running a spectacular rooftop chase!
Rooftop Chase

EucalyptusNow provides more great maps for the German “Splittermond” rpg setting.
NW Midstad

And of course Ricko Hasche doesn’t stop creating wonderful scenery images. Here’s just one, a volcanic eruption in the middle of the night.
Nightly Eruption

Quenten is back with detailed town and city maps, this time with a commission work.

I’ve decided to pick out two maps by Duane Wilkey, because I couldn’t decide wich I liked better, the castle of “Knightscross” oder the town of “Evenburg”.

And finally there is wintermute, another beginning mapper with an impressive first map of “Barsaive” the setting of the Earthdawn rpg.

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