Maps of the Month: October 2023

Welcome to our latest tour de force through some of the wonderful maps created by the ProFantasy user community. Let’s take a look at the bountiful crop of cartography from the the ProFantasy forum and the CC3+ Facebook group in October.

Talaraska created this splendid map of a Harvest festival including an amazon hedge maze. I want to get lost there!

Wyvern finished his gargantuan dungeon project of Dendorlig Hall in the very old-school blue dungeon style.

Tim Christensen‘s map itself is a little older but he posted a large-scale print of it, including a banana for size reference. AS awesome as the fact that it’s made for his 5-year old kid!

Sean M Hollingsworth has been mapping the region of Koenigstein in the Mike Schley overland style.

There are always plenty of maps by Ricko Hasche to show around and marvel at; this time I picked these temple ruins.

I must admit I first thought this wasn’t a CC3+ map, but it turns out Richard DeRoiville just used many custom assets to map this wonderful depiction of the town of Krezk.

For some more modern mapping, check out Matt Finch‘s map of Paris’ 5th arrondissement. Incredible work!

Venturing across the big pond, Mark Fradley‘s map is much more new world American in design and layout, but just as convincing.

Over on the forum lifelong-building posted their first isometric town map with the settlement of Great Sweetham.

Need a nice ship for a old-school ocean cruise? Lee Whipple has got you covered with the awesomely named Dame d’Aqua.

Joshua Walles picked the Marine Dungeons style (by Sue Daniel) for this neat little map of the Holy Abyss.

Jonathan Polk ventures into the near future with the modern city map of Sacramento Megacenter.

Ever wanted to wander the spooky halls of an abandoned museum at night? James Stewart has the map for you.

Ah, the Ferraris city style is always a joy to behold when the map is executed well, and EucalyptusNow‘s city of Fulnia is certainly done very well.

By now Duane Wilkey is a master at the Symbol Set 5 Cities of Schley style. Here is the latest proof of that.

A map of the city of Troy? That Troy? No, the other one, the one in Montana. Calibre mapped it showing the flow of arcane essence running through it. Of course there is one!

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