Maps of the Month – February 2023

I’m excited to have another wonderful parade of user maps for you, this time from February of this year. If you like any of them (and I’m sure you will), head over to their respective posts on the forum or Facebook (click the image to do so), and comment and like their work. I’m sure they will appreciate that!

Daniel Pereda De Pablo‘s work is always amazing, so starting with The Icebox dungeon map was a no brainer for me.

The city of Azureshire by Michael Pucci is appropriately and beautifully blue – my favorite color!

Ute Gundacker presents another of her modern-military type maps, which make me want to play more modern spy games.

The Spectrum Overland style is always a joy to behold, and Lorraine Bragg’s map is no exception

The same goes for Eric McNeal’s map of the Intermountyn Frontier.

Kilma.ard.venom very kindly provided a whole set of ready-to-use battle maps in a forest area. This is just one of them, click the link to find more.

Glitch used the free monthly symbols by Mike Schley to create this sinister dungeon and torture chamber.

I haven’t see that many maps in the Serpentine City style around yet, probably because it has a rather specific application, so I’m especially happy to see this application by EucalyptusNow.

I always like to see real-world coastlines in CC3+ maps, and here is a great example: Hellas by Dak, showing the geography of Greece.

Christina Trani used the Desert Oasis style from the current Annual for his cozy little map.

Andrew Yates mapped the Troll Homeland of Othrog with the Darklands style.

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