Maps of the Month: January 2023

The new year is a month and bit old, and the CC3+ community has been busy as beavers in creating new maps already. Let’s have a look at some of the wonderful maps they shared in January.

Daniel Pereda De Pablo created this amazong floorplan of the Temple of Shinare, using the Cities and Dungeons of Schley styles.

Commonwealth Base Camp by Ute Gundacker

Crossing’s Folley by Christina Trani

Lands of the Witch Queen by Dak

Dwarf Citadel by Matt Finch

Encounter Maps (Forest Trail) by kilma.ard.venom

Lorenzino’s World of Wonders by EukalyptusNow

The SS Bayern by Gavin Dady

Starmap by Luke Jonas

The Untamed Lands by Rikki Grosevale

Map Tokens by AleD

Tombs of Orynd by Stephen St John

One Response to “Maps of the Month: January 2023”

  1. What beautiful maps and symbols! Well done everyone – especially at this quiet time of year 🙂