Maps of the Month: September 2023

Welcome to our latest browse through some of the wonderful maps created by the Profantasy user community. Let’s take a look at what our mappers came up with on the ProFantasy forum and the CC3+ Facebook group in September.

I always love little pull-out images highlighting important locations, as well as heraldry on a map, and Mythal82 has combined them gloriously on his Grand Duchy of Cimmetra map.
Grand Duchy

Dargurd‘s Mirabar map shows a region of the Forgotten Realms using the Mike Schley overland style.

DMGeezerJim supplies another of his extremely useful locations that can be used as a battle map or just a floorplan.

Duane Wilkey‘s church basement is just one map of a group making up a nice little adventure location. Check the post on Facebook for the other maps.
Church Basement

Eric McNeal is practicing his isometric metric mapping skills with this unnamed town in the Isometric City style.
Schley Town

The “Temple of Hekaria” by EucalyptusNow is another handy town or city location, showing the floorplan of an urban temple or shrine.
Tempel der Hekaria

Glitch maps The Goldenlilly Estates in glorious detail on the forum. Here is the overview maps of the location.
Goldenlilly Estates

Lance Campbell‘s first isometric map shows a coastal town surrounded by a wooden palisade.
Palisade Town

Mark Zoppa mapped the rpg campaign world for a D&D game with his sons, and I can’t imagine a better use of any mapping software!
Western Expanse

I very much want to explore this wonderful temple by Ricko Hasche. I’m sure wonderful treasure is hidden here.

Robert McGuire‘s tavern is small, generic, black and white – and therefore extremely useful as a quick map for the local tavern the heroes might end up in.
Small Tavern

Sean A Pagano posted just an excerpt of this overland map, but that makes me want to see more of the depicted world. Such a tease!

Sean M Hollingsworth wasn’t happy with the first version of his map, but tweaked it again and again until he liked the result. That’s the great thing of having a digital file that you can edit to your heart’s content.

Andy Hanson used the Cities of Schley style to create a nice little town on the shore of a lake.

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  1. Wow! Lovely work everyone. Thanks for sharing 😀