Maps of the Month – March 2023

I am a bit late with looking back on the maps of last month, but certainly not too late! Check out this awesome works posted in March.

Ricko Hasche has been extremely busy lately, and it was hard work to select just a couple of his wonderful maps to showcase.
Mr Igor Inn
City Map

The Bourbon District by Julian Dracos was inspired by a recent live mapping session with the 1930s mapping styles, but Julian went above and beyond with his own personal interpretation.
Bourbon District

Kevin Beck created more general use battle maps for anyone to quickly use and elaborate on. Here’s his cave entrance in the woods.
Cave Entrance

Shaun Hateley build a new rpg character (looks like a half-orc knight or paladin?) with Character Artist 3, and I think the result is great!

DM Geezer Jim shared more of his wonderful town areas and dungeon layouts.
Classic Dungeon

Dhakos – the City of Spires by Jim Abbott uses the Whatabou city style as a great way to map a huge city.

Kentway by Andrew Yates is a great example of Pär Lindström’s wonderful town style.

In contrast, Ed Elce used Mike Schley’s city style for his Frontier Style, and the result is very different – but also excellent.
Frontier Town

Ravenswood by hsv216 is another great example of the Cities of Schley style.

Michael Kirschbaum cleverly combined two styles (Forest Trail and City Ruin) for this wonderful map of a ruined temple.
Temple Ruins

Stephen St John‘s map Taangarten showcases the old-school Fantasy Realms style.

And last but not least a shout out to Duane Wilkey’s long-running Big City Project. The city of Tyrr is finally finished after we’ve been able to follow the progress for a long time in the community. Awesome work!
Tyrr Detail

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