Maps of the Month – July 2023

Welcome to another wonderful selection of maps created by the Profantasy user community. Let’s take a look at what our mappers came up with on the ProFantasy forum or the CC3+ Facebook group in July.

Mythal82 undertook a project to convert a Watabou-generated map into the Ferraris style by Sue Daniel, and look at what was achieved!
Grisfend Harbour

Wyvern‘s project of Dendorlig Hall is sprawling in the most wonderful sense of the world. And you get to download it all in CC3+ community project too!
Dendorlig Hall

Talaraska used the Inked Dungeons style – which we recently expanded with the Inked Ruins Annual – to create this Haunted Shrine map.
Haunted Shrine

Stephen St John presents a Mysterious Encounter in the Dungeons of Schley style and its Forlorn Cottage extension.
Mysterious Encounter

I’ve selected two of Ricko Hasche‘s wonderful maps this month, since I couldn’t decide between the wonderful desert gorge and his showcasing of the latest free monthly symbols.
Xarapakanta and Shumanaka
Military Camp

Quenten adds the lands of Western Sergeevna to his huge portfolio of maps.
Western Sergeevna

It’s always great to see mappers recreating a classic, so Michael Davenport‘s version of Greyhawk was an auto-include for me.

Maidhc-O-Casain (please never ask me to pronounce this username) created this wonderful world map for the world of Sihjul.

The Ancient Realms overland style has always been a personal favorite of mine, so I’m very happy to see Kopjeagga use it for this Crystalpeak Range campaign map.
Crystalpeak Range

Jacob Hicks‘ Rivertree map may be a bit large to adequately present in this post, but do head over to the Facebook group to see it in its great detail.

EukalyptusNow continues his range of Splittermond maps with the town of Velsing.

Duane Wilkey’s map of Fenist Castle is an excellent showcase of how to leverage Sue Daniel’s cliff symbols to great effect.
Fenist Castle

Finally, DM Geezer Jim create a whole set of aquatic battle maps based on the real world “Blue Hole” of Belize.
Blue Hole

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