Maps of the Month – April 2023

We have another fine selection of community maps for you. See what the community came up with in May and don’t forget to check out the Facebook group and forum for more!

Trencept Province by Stephen St John is a great showing of Sue Daniel Spectrum Overland style.
Trencept Province Stephen St John

Ute Gundacker was one of the first to use the new overland style by E Prybylski in this map.
Sredkuja Ute Gundacker

DM Geezer Jim has not been content with his Annual issue and created more generally useful maps like this castle ruin.
Ruin DM Geezer Jim

Dak is recreating the classic maps of Hommlet and surrounding area from the Temple of Elemental Evil.
Daramin Valley Dak
Helvar Dak

Duane Wilkey produced a whole range of adventure maps, and I just picked out this gnoll excavation site. Great use of overland cliff symbols for this!
Gnoll Excavation Site Duane Wilkey

EdE has also produced several new battle maps that are very generally applicable like this garden with shrines.
Garden of Shrines EdE

Here’s another E Prybylski style map by JulianDracos, harking back to the wonderful “Princess Bride” movie.
Florin and Gilder JulianDracos

What would a month be without some genius maps/landscapes/scenes by Ricko Hasche.
Village Ricko Hasche
Elven City Ricko Hasche

Something very different by Kevbeck with this dark Cyberpunk Alley. Love this colors!
Cyberpunk Alley Kevbeck

Finally another useful battle map, a small bridge over a creek by Jean-Claude Tremblay.
Bridge Jean-Claude Tremblay

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  1. Very creative! Well done everyone 🙂