Maps of the Month – May 2023

It looks like the ProFantasy community was extremely busy in May, I can’t remember ever having that many maps to look through. Great work! Here are the ones I’ve picked out for you to browse, but don’t forget to check out the Facebook group and forum for more!

The ineffably named TheIneffableCheese shared this wonderful map in the 13th Age style, which always has a special place in my heart.
The Hinterlands by TheIneffableCheese

Marcin Trendota couldn’t decide on a style for his Warhammer Fantasy map and asked the forum community for their opinion. So I decided to share both versions here as well.
Style Choice by Marcin Trendota

We still regularly get to see maps done in E Prybylski’s whimsical overland style, like the one Tommy Kehlet did here.
World Map by Tommy Kehlet

The Monk’s Retreat by Woods4Trees uses Mike Schley’s city style and looks like a wonderfully quite and peaceful place to retreat to.
The Monk's Retreat by Woods4Trees

Im always delighted to see something new, and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone do a cabin for a space elevator before (might just be my memory though). Kudos to Michael Roehrl!
Space Elevator Cabin by Michael Roehrl

Another sci fi map done with Cosmographer 3 is the Shackleton Expanse (from Star Trek) by Ute Gundacker.
Shackleton Expanse by Ute Gundacker

I haven’t seen a map in Herwin Wielink’s Isometric Dungeon style in a while, but thanks to Talaraska here is a new, delgihtful one.
Shadowhaven Crypt by Talaraska

No map is complete without some jaw-dropping map scenery by Ricko Hasche. Aren’t the Ruins if Iarulev amazing?
Ruins of Iarulev by Ricko Hasche

Dak gets to show off two maps this month, because I couldn’t decide which one to pick. Both are just too good!
Reuvion by Dak
Mega Continent by Dak

Wyvern dove into a special kind of maps for rpg hex crawls – giving them a strong old school vibe.
Hexcrawl Maps by Wyvern

Another cheeky set of maps was created by galik. He’s mapped some ancient computer game locations from the Might and Magic series. I live these!
Old Computer Game Maps by  galik

Calibre is working away on several of his gorgeous rpg maps. Here’s a section of his work in Sue’s Spectrum Overland style.
Kinjiro by Calibre

Mike’s Schley’s dungeon style is always good for some beautiful encounter maps as Thijs Christiaan de Goede proves with this one.
Forest Encounter by Thijs Christiaan de Goede

Matt Finch seems to be working on a larger dwarven fortress of which these are only a few rooms. Dark and foreboding!
Dwarf Fortress by Matt Finch

Darbarmund by EucalyptusNow is also using a Mike Schley style, but this time the one for cities. It produces nice villages as well as you can see here.
Drabarmund by EucalyptusNow

Finally, DM Geezer Jim is back with a battle map showing a narrow bridge over a deep gorge. A scene that will be familiar and useful to many DMs out there!
Bridged Gorge by DM Geezer Jim

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