Maps of the Month – August 2023

Welcome to our latest browse through some of the wonderful maps created by the Profantasy user community. Let’s take a look at what our mappers came up with on the ProFantasy forum and the CC3+ Facebook group in August.

Thiatas Ashadarawesh‘s campaign world has been growing for the last 22 years and his world map (created with Fractal Terrains and Wilbur) is certainly a sight to match that amount of work!

Duane Wilkey‘s Trymmmist Tower is just one in a growing series of wonderful town and village make created with Symbol Set 5.

And these maps have already inspired other mappers. Randall Larson explicitly acknowledges Duane’s influence on his map of Westport.

Daniel Pereda De Pablo‘s maps are always a wonderful sight to behold, in their intricacy and attention to detail. The Snake Pit is no exception there.

I love Ute Gundacker‘s modern maps for their usefulness and clean design, especially modern era maps are a bit rarer than fantasy works.

It’s also great to see Perspectives 3 in action, in this floorplan by Mythal82.

landorl68 posted a whole collection of adventure maps on the forum, of which this overland map is just one. Great to see the Pete Fenlon style in action!

DM Geezer Jim worked on some classic locations from the Hill Giant series of D&D. Here’s the basement, a classic dungeon.

Ricko Hasche created this Cursed Junction in his wonderful, eclectic personal style of maps.

The Crowdale map by Andy Hanson makes excellent use of Sue Daniel’s cliff symbols for city maps.

Talaraska’s “Ambush at the Crossroads” should be a very useful battle map for many adventures out there.

Finally, Bridgetown by EucalyptusNow dives deep into the Symbol Set 6 Isometric Style.

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  1. Wonderful maps everyone. Thanks for sharing them 🙂