Shall we take another look at what maps the Profantasy users shared last month? Of course we shall, what kind of stupid question is that? So without further ado, here are the user maps of November.

Kalnaren‘s series of maps for the Rise of the Runelords adventure path are a glorious place to start. They’ve been drawn with the Jon Roberts Dungeon style and complimented with a selection of DD3 symbols.
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We’ve got another round up for user maps from the Profantasy community forum. Take a look and wonder at the creativity of our prolific users!

Let’s star with jedius wonderfully atmospheric map of the Wildbyrne Outpost at night. He makes great use of CC3+’s lighting effects and light sources.
Harbour at Night
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Normally it is a little quieter in our community during the summer months, with us being at GenCon and many people on vacation or enjoying the outdoors. But this year, many amazing and beautiful new maps were posted on the ProFantasy forum. Let’s take a look at this summer’s crop – almost 30 maps in total!

Grimur used the Dungeons of Schley symbol set to draw this beautiful tavern floorplan. There’s a little bit of Photoshop post-processing involved, but nothing that could not be done in CC3+ either.
The Royal Oak
And his city map of Martell matches this style beautifully.
Finally, he used the latest Annual style by Pär Lindström for this quick local map. The paper folds add just that extra touch of awesome.

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I’ve got two months of beautiful user maps to cover, since due to holidays I wasn’t able to collect them for May. So without further ado, let’s get going:

My personal highlight of this month’s collection (and the other maps are very good too I should add) is probably Mappy’s The Manticore’s Tale tavern, drawn in Mike Schley’s dungeon style. it’s just wonderfully executed.
 Manticores Tale
 Manticores Tale 2
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Time flies and for a moment it seemed like yesterday that I posted the last collection of user maps from the forum. But then I look at all the beautiful new maps and think “No way they managed to do that overnight. It’s hard enough to believe these all appeared within a month.” Let’s take a look!

SteveTravis continues his awesome series of maps for the German rpg “Das Schwarze Auge”. Here are the town of Andergast, the map for an overland journey and a villain hideout.
Overland Trip
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It’s time for another look at last month’s maps on the community forum. Let’s see what the CC3 users have come up!

Look at these beautiful floorplans created with Symbol Set 4 (Mike Schley Dungeons) by SlaveOne. Check out the forum thread for even more of them. I’m especially in love with the “Lucky Hobitz Futs” tavern.

Suntzu is using CC3+ to draw maps of Harn, look at his beautiful versions of the whole of Harn and the Melderyn isle.
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Another month has passed and the community forum has been busy. Let’s take a look with what our users came up last month.

Steve Travis continues his line of maps for the German DSA adventure “The Wolf of Winhall” with a map of the eponymous town.
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We’ve been pretty busy with the CC3+ release, but so have been our users and so it’s time to showcase the user maps from the ProFantasy community forum again. We are especially delighted that we can already include some gorgeous maps created with CC3+, some of them first time efforts with our software!

For example, this is FerCanale‘s first map, the nicely frigid-looking White Wolves Island.
White Wolf Island
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It’s high time to showcase the great maps from our user community again, since we haven’t done so since April! So without further ado, let’s take a look…

Steve Travis posted on the first maps drawn in the Dungeons of Schley style of Symbol Set 4. I love it, as well as other great maps for the “Das Schwarze Auge” game.
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Here’s the next collection of user maps from our forum. My, these guys have been busy again! Please note that I’m not including the competition entries in this this list, they are listed in a previous blog post.

Clercon posted one of his gorgeous city maps, a combination of work in City Designer 3 and Photoshop.
C:UsersHemmaCreative Cloud FilesChaseCity.FCW
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