Maps of the Month: March 2022

Hello fellow map-makers, it’s time again to showcase some of the wonderful maps the community shared during the last month. There’s some really amazing work going on by all of you aut there, thank you very much!

Sue Daniel’s amazing Ferraris city style is truly one of our more advanced styles to work with, but look how splendid it looks when put together by Lizzy_Maracuja for her Accordo city map.

Lorelei shared a couple of wonderful battle maps showing Tormel Farm and surroundings. This is just one of them, head over to the forum to see the other!

The City States of the Heiring Feud Lands by WVFairyWoman map is a great example of taking a fairly simple overland style and varying it through different texture effects. Make sure to click the image to see more variations.

Over in the Facebook group Shaun Hately shared his floorplan of the Convent of St Ashanax. It’s a great example of concentrating on a clear room layout without sacrificing too much visual impact.

The very small floorplan of the the Hunter’s Home by JaysOut showcases how to leverage the incredible detail of Mike Schley’s dungeon symbols.

Lately no month is complete without one of the beautiful maps by Ricko Hasche. There are many more maps of his on the forum and the FB group, but here I chose his map of Orsta, using a combimation of the Jon Roberts and Herwin Wielink styles.

Dave Johnson used Sue’s recent Winter Village style for his very first CC3+ map. Isn’t it wonderful!?

Whit2468 has been sharing quite a few of his Pete Fenlon style Middle-earth maps, and this map of the Shire was a real highlight of the month.

The Village of Nulb by dagorhir uses the recent Darklands city style and is a rework of a classic village map from the Temple of Elemental Evil adventure. Check out the forum thread for the original!

Mark Deane posted his own game world of Jord over on the Facebook group. It’s a huge map, I’m sure containing adventuring space for years to come.

2 Responses to “Maps of the Month: March 2022”

  1. Thanks to all contributors. Splendid stuff! 😀

  2. WOW! This is my Map!!!!! The World Of Jord. Thanks for spotlighting it. As you can see It is a work in progress. I started the map with FC3 and converted it to a CC3+ map using the Mike Schley Overland. I then tweaked it with some custom effects. If you want see more of my CC3 Maps just go to my World anvil page….