Maps of the Month: May 2022

Dear map-makers, summer is upon us and before I head off to indulge into a bit of hiking in the Scottish Isles (looks like a “THe Cartographer’s Travels” blog post may be coming up), let’s take another look at the beautiful maps that have been shared in the community.

Daniel Pereda De Pablo created this wonderful list fo heroes from an old Dragonlance adventure with Character Artist 3.

This is just one of Wyvern’s amazing collection of maps for the city of Embra (part of the Community Atlas project). Check out the forum for many more of these!

Jim Abbot tried his hand at village-scale map with the Cities of Schley style and this map of a Keep.
The Keep - jmabbot

Ute Gundacker created another amazing city map with the Ferraris style.

Mythal82 shared his Mallory Steading map done in the Cities of Schley style.

Wazzebu used the recent Modern Tactical Annual style to create this layout of a launch base. Great to see the Annual style in action!

Dak created a sprawling battle map with this depiction of Krenko’s canal-side warehouse.

Charles Robinson shared several views of his Kellemah web atlas over on the Facebook group.

In a little departure from his town and landscape portraits Ricko Hasche created this great dockside battle map.

Finally, roflo1 came up with a new drawing style for ship deckplans. Simple, but every effective.

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