Maps of the Month: July 2022

Dear map-makers! Freshly back from GenCon and safely over the jet lag, I’ve now had time to check out all the community-made maps of July. You’ve been really busy, haven’t you!? Here’s just a small and pretty random selection of maps that caught my eye. Sorry to all the others I missed!

I chose two maps by EucalyptusNow, because I couldn’t decide which I liked better, the Oasis Town of Dekunu or Pamberton on Twynne.
Dekunu Oasis - Eucalyptus Now
Pamberton on Twynne - Eucalyptus Now

Daniel Pereda De Pablo created this wonderful and weird map of the “Corridor of Storms”. Visit the forum to learn more about what it is.
Corridor of Storms - Daniel Pereda De Pablo

The Forest Lair by Jeff B is a great example of using the Dungeons of Schley style for an outdoors battle map.
Forest Lair - Jeff B

Definitely visit the Facebook group my clicking the image of Fort Cobblestone below, as Lukasz Plewa create lots more levels of the stronghold.
Fort Cobblestone - Lukasz Plewa

The temple district of Kasuga is a great example of the Asian Temple style by JulianDracos.
Kasuga - JulianDracos

Ricko Hasche made this beautifully atmosphere village map for the Ravenloft setting.
Shablov Village - Ricko Hasche

Christina Trani is back with a great application of using the Mike Schley Overland structure symbols to create a town map.
Tulez Kar - Christina Trani

I think the Vadire regional map is by Mark Fradley and as I really like the Herwin Wielink style, it’s great to see it in use.
Vadire - Mark Fradley

Finally, we have a FT3+ world exported to an awesome planetary view by Paul Marshall.
Worldview - PaulMarshall

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