Maps of the Month – January 2022

Hello Cartographers and welcome to the first set of user maps of 2022. We’ve picked out a dozen beautiful maps from the user community for you to enjoy. Make sure to join the forum and/or the Facebook group to see many more each month, including the progress of many of these!

AleD used the Spectrum Overland style for this fantastic version of the lanscape of the same name in Northern Italy.

Eric McNeal‘s huge mapping project produces stunning map after stunning map, and the Kingdom of Taberlund is just one of many. I had to include a detail map to highlight just a bit of the immense detail he puts in there. Recently he wondered whether he’s overdoing it… I say, just keep it up, Eric!

I’m thrilled to see one of my favourite science fiction settings appear in our list: The Expanse. Rob_Wordsmith mapped part the solar system, and that’s of course useful for any setting using our real astronomical neighbourhood.

Interestingly we also have a map for another popular sci fi franchise pop up in January: The Verse is the setting of the Firefly show and Serenity movie. JulianDracos did a great job in mapping it!

The Avardarre map is just one of hundreds if not thousands in Jason Payne‘s mind-blowing Western Realm Atlas collection.

Pâl Wilhelmsen posted this map in the Serpentine city style after asking for some adive on depicting large-scale cities a while ago.

The retired bookseller’s home by JaysOut very nicely highlights the beauty of Mike Schley’s artwork in Symbol Set 4 – Dungeons of Schley.

Ricko took a break from his 3D views with this neat battle map of a Cemetery. Certainly very useful for that typical zombie or skeleton encounter in the graveyard!

The Monastery of the Sea Rose is another beautiful, highly detailed location map by Daniel Pereda De Pablo.

Rust Top Village by Glitch is an excellent, fairly straight-forward village map using the Darklands City style.

Lance Campbell‘s Sailing Boat is a small and simple map, but also beautiful in its simplicity.

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  1. Very beautiful! Well done to all 🙂