Maps of the Month: June 2022

Dear map-makers, please enjoy another wonderful selection of maps created by our community members in June. There were far more than these few, which I had to skip for space reasons. Please visit our forum and/or Facebook group to see them!

AleD drew the city map of Borghello using Sue Daniel’s Darklands City style.

With EukalyptusNow‘s work I just couldn’t decide between two of their maps, so I just included both!
Tang Shen
Dark Water Cavern

I love how Charles Robinson uses the monster tokens from the Token Treasury to depict monsters and creature populations on this map.
Realm of Faederethel

In a departure from his signature landscape views, Ricko Hasche drew the town of Merlo in the World War 2 map style.

I don’t think this Newcastle is a historical version of the English city of Newcastle, but Julian Dracos did a great job using the Black & White City style anyway.

Matt Finch shared this generic police station for anyone to use in their games over on the Facebook group. Thank you!
Police Station

Quenten made good use of Sue Daniels icy and snowy symbols from the Spectrum Overland style to create this arctic landscape.
Seal Island

The Seven Kingdoms of Northern Odrian map is a re-work of an old version in the Mike Schley Overland style by kevbeck43.
Seven Kingdoms

In the Shadow of the Dragon is an interesting map as it accompanies a little piece of fiction that FarsightX3 wrote for a contest entry.
Shadow Of The Dragon

I always love a map in the John Speed style. For this map Jason Reid even created a few symbols of his own for certain buildings. Great work!

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  1. Superb work everyone! Thanks for sharing 🙂