Maps of the Month – February 2022

Thank you to all you cartographers out there who are sharing your work with the world, irrespective of borders and nationalities. Your continued support for our hobby and your fellow map-makers is much appreciated. Here are just a few samples of your glorious work in February!

WeathermanSweden used publicly available altitude data to import it into Fractal Terrains, export that to CC3+ and create this greant rendition of how northern Europe would have looked 15,000 years ago!
15000 years before our time

Clercon (Pär Lindström) used his time in Covid-induced isolation to produce this beautiful map of the town of Ravensford.

Ute Gundacker continues to produce wonderful modern-themed maps with this execution of the contour shading explorer in a recent live mapping video and a modern house floorplan.
Lost Land
Modern House

Ricko Hasche shared more of his map/aerial view hybrid drawings using the symbols by Mike Schley.

Christophe Courtois ventured into very popular territory with his depiction of Westeros and Essos (from the A Song of Ice and Fire series) using the 13th Age overland style.
Westeros and Essos

Jim Abbott produced this small map of the Strong Arms Inn, using basic Dungeon Designer 3 symbols.
The Strong Arms Inn

Quenten has another example of his great work with the Watabou city generator for us with the city of Lightharbour.

Jeff B produced a number of variations of this Exeder map, and I especially liked the hex version using the Spectrum Overland style.

Calibre finished his Dominion of Ostia map which I may have highlighted before, but think is more than worth showing again in its finished version!
Dominion of Ostia

Matt Finch shared this floorplan of a chapel at Sorbonne University on Facebook, and I’m loving the detail and choice of textures.
Chapel at Sorbonne

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