Maps of the Month: October 2022

After a little (just a little) quieter time in the summer months, the number of posted maps on the forum and FB group is picking up again and it’s getting harder to look through them all. But that means more wonderful maps for us to marvel at!

We start with the Elemental Nations by Ricko Hasche and a wonderful use of the 13th Age overland style.
The Elemental Nations

Julian Dracos used Cosmographer 3 for the excellent floorplan of a cyberpunk club. The lighting does a lot of the work to create the atmosphere!
Cyberpunk Club

Over on Facebook Steven St John shared his work with the Pete Fenlon style. As I’m currently in a Middle-earth mood, this of course caught my eye.

The Empire of Dostani by Christian Sander Petersen uses the Spectrum Overland style.

Ute Gundacker has created this world map for Dungeon World campaign (a fantasy game). Interestingly it seems to actually be a lost colony world in a SciFi setting.

I always love maps in the Classic Fantasy style, and Joshua Walles‘ work here is no exception.

EucalyptusNow has been creating lots of wonderful maps on the ProFantasy forum. The Harvest Moon Motel is just one of many, and I picked it out because maps using Symbol Set 3 are not so plentiful.
Harvest Moon Motel

The Township of Larchhold by Mythal82 is a great example of using the Watabou map generator and then creating a completely different style from that.

Finally, the lands of Rathilien and Perimal Darkling by Maidhc O Casain are a great example of the Herwin Wielink Overland map style.

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  1. Excellent work – all of them 🙂