Maps of the Month: September 2022

Dear map-makers! What did the community share with us in September? Lots of cool maps of course. Let’s take a look at some of them.

EukalyptusNow takes the lead with the wonderful, atmospherically-lit Swamp Rat Inn. Check the forum thread for non-lighting versions of the map itself.
The Swamp Rat Inn

Wyvern created this wonderful map of Lovecraft’s Providence in the Cthulhu City style.
Lovecraft's Providence

The Lizard Lair by Tommy Kehlet uses Sue’s Marine Dungeon style.
Lizard Lair

I just love the color pop on James Stewart‘s weird and spooky reality rift map.
The Colors out of Space

Matt Finch‘s map of a wooded settlement is unnamed, so we’ll just go with the name of the D&D campaign it is for, “The White Shadow”.
The White Shadow

I really have a soft spot for the Worlds of Wonder overland style Jeff B used in his Turia/Uldiar Region map.
Turia Uldiar

Quenten Walker‘s small floorplan of Vlad’s Dive nicely captures the cramped, rundown feeling of a slum dive.
Vlad's Dive

And finally, Ricko Hasche created another wonderful Ravenloft-style map, this time of Castle Smirnoff.
Castle Smirnoff

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