Early next year we will release the next iteration of the Token Treasury with Monsters 2. Another set of 100 iconic, fun and useful monsters for your fantasy tabletop adventures. Check out the preview on the product web page and see some examples on the maps below.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Work continues on the bitmap artwork for our new version of the Character Artist add-on. We’ve got the majority of the art down, and we’re thrilled by the work Rich Longmore is doing for this product. Check out these three sample characters: a barbarian, a knight and a cleric.
Sample characters for CA3
These are not one-piece mockups – all of them are already build from individual pieces (in Photoshop for the moment): armor parts, clothing, weapons, limbs, head, eyes, mouths, etc. The next step will be creating CC3 symbols and catalog from these parts, adding varicolor functionality, and so on.

The video shows how the different armour parts of a CA3 figure can be layered over each other to make any custom combination of parts.

Isometric Dungeon
We have another gorgeous new mapping style lined up for the Annual – I’m really excited about the great artists that draw the art for us this year. Take a look at this beautiful isometric dungeon by Herwin Wielink. How would you like being able to build something like this in CC3 from pre-drawn tiles and connecting room and corridor pieces? Well, you’ll be able to come June.