Character Artist 3 – Work continues apace

Work continues on the bitmap artwork for our new version of the Character Artist add-on. We’ve got the majority of the art down, and we’re thrilled by the work Rich Longmore is doing for this product. Check out these three sample characters: a barbarian, a knight and a cleric.
Sample characters for CA3
These are not one-piece mockups – all of them are already build from individual pieces (in Photoshop for the moment): armor parts, clothing, weapons, limbs, head, eyes, mouths, etc. The next step will be creating CC3 symbols and catalog from these parts, adding varicolor functionality, and so on.

4 Responses to “Character Artist 3 – Work continues apace”

  1. looking good

  2. I like those. I’d like to update, so please take my money 😉

  3. Very nice. I don’t have CA2, but CA3 will be must-have for me.

  4. I wasn’t too impressed with CA2 and never bought it, but with these gorgeous, professional examples, and if CA3 includes designs for modern and futuristic characters, CA3 just might make my “must buy” list. Awesome looking work!