Random City Generator

L Lee Saunders is working on a random city generator for CC3. Lee has worked with ProFantasy for many years, producing features such as the fractal path and text around a curve. He has an excellent development blog for people who want to create CC3 add-ons, which he will mirror here.

The Random City Generator will be included in a future version of Campaign Cartographer or City Designer, or be available as a separate product. He’s gone beyond proof of concept – here is a screen shot. It already does basic CC3 import using the House command, and we’ll be reporting on its progress regularly.

Random City Generator

4 Responses to “Random City Generator”

  1. This looks fantastic! When do you expect it to be available?

    Oh, and by the way, the descriptive text that should appear next to each field for Name, Email Address and Website when entering a comment is in black type over a black background. Just a heads up; it might give some folks issues when they try to comment here. 😉

  2. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Will this allow you to generate cities based on the different styles available in CC3/CD3?

  3. Yes, that’s the idea.

  4. Just fantastic!!

    That novelty will come in handy and be very very useful =)