Master Mapper

In 1998 we instituted the coveted Master Mapper award for excellence in cartography. You can see the hall of fame here. One Master Mapper is a full time freelancer and ProFantasy mainstay – Ralf Schemmann; L Lee Saunders creates amazing add-ons, and other Master Mappers still contribute to the community.

We are reinstating the Master Mapper award. There is a backlog of worthy candidates, so expect to see us making up for lost time with a few select awards. This brings me to our Master Mapper, best known to the ProFantasy community as Joachim de Ravenbel, a name Jean-Michel Bravo took on a whim for RPG-related posts.

Jean-Michel is unusual even amongst Master Mappers for the breadth of his talent. He creates maps, writes macros, develops map-making techniques, supports the forum community, and has even programmed an XP – the CC3 name for add-ons.

Jean-Michels first notable work appeared on the forum in 2009 – these great battlemaps.

Jean-Michel delved into the arcane CC3 macro language but for very practical reasons, to create forests out of arcs, scatter trees, create Forgotten Realms Atlas style mountains, culminating in this macro tutorial. Finally, it was officially published and expanded upon in the September 2009 Annual.

Jean-Michel then turned his attention to castle floorplans and sideviews , again creating a new annual in December 2009.

After a side-journey into complex puzzles , he turned his attention on programming XPs for CC3. This resulted in the xp for the October 2010 Annual, replete with commands for creating castle walls.

His next endeavour concentrated on creating new symbols for Dungeon Designer, resulting in the huge selection of material in the February 2011 Annual.

All the while Jean-Michel never negelected producing beautiful CC3 maps, even using real world data exported from CC3 to create an innovative map.

It’s from all of this clear that Jean-Michel deserves this award, the first Master Mapper for seven years.

7 Responses to “Master Mapper”


    My God what beautiful maps! Therein is truly the work of a master!

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  3. A well earned award. Congrats!

  4. Welcome to the club Jean! You have definitely have earned it.

  5. Bravo. Your work is simply inspirational.

  6. Congratulations! Well earned at the least.

  7. Thanks to you all and especially to Simon for writing such a nice article, even digging out some work long forgotten.
    Many thanks of course to all the PF staff for making such a great product that has so many sides and uses you can never get tired of, and for providing the tools to expand. Rare companies allow you to delve inside their products.
    The forum, email lists and groups made all this work possible due to the help, ideas, and comments so thanks also to the long list of contributors.
    I’m very happy that my work is not only usefull to me but also to other users because that’s how I understand this award I’ll wear with pride.
    Thanks, Jean-Michel.