June 2024: Ancient Cities, OSR Dungeons and a Humble Bundle


  • Humble Bundle is offering the Maps Extravaganza Revisited bundle – a great opportunity to either start with CC3+ and/or grab several add-ons at an amazing price.
  • The June issue of the Cartographer’s Annual 2024 is available. It offers a fresh drawing style for Ancient Cities by new contributor CC Charon.
  • Mike Schley has additional free symbols for the latest set of Far Eastern Cities and Villages that expands his overland style.




  • CC3+’s current version is 3.98. Check in Help > About and if your version is older, run Update 28 for CC3+ available from your registration page.
  • Fractal Terrains 3+ has been released and is available from among your FT3 downloads on your registration page.
  • Join our community of map-makers on the Profantasy forum and/or the Facebook group.

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