Maps Extravaganza Revisited on Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is currently re-running the first Campaign Cartographer 3+ bundle, the Maps Extravaganza, containing not only CC3+, but depending on the level chosen also:

  • City Designer 3
  • Dungeon Designer 3
  • Tome of Ultimate Mapping Plus
  • Perspectives 3
  • Sources Maps: Castles
  • Source Maps: Temples, Tombs and Catacombs
  • Symbol Set 2 – Fantasy Floorplans
  • Token Treasury – Monsters 1
  • Battle Maps and Floorplans Collection (contains a selection of Annual issues)

If you were waiting to jump into CC3+, this is a great opportunity to get it at an awesome price. Even if you already CC3+, this can be well worth it to get a great selection of add-ons. Part of the cost goes toward charity, Save the Children.

2 Responses to “Maps Extravaganza Revisited on Humble Bundle”

  1. Does anyone know how this compares to past bundles and how much overlap it has? Also, can you do anything with duplicate keys?

  2. Hello! This is a re-run of the Maps Extravaganza, so all the content has been on Humble Bundle before. If you have the Battle Maps and Floorplans Collection registered on your account, you probably have this bundle already. Send us a support request if you want to make sure.

    Also, you can gift or sell duplicate keys to other people.

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