Maps of the Month – May 2024

May has been a busy month for many of our community member, in terms of map-making at least. So many great maps to choose from, and I can’t really pick them all. Here are just the ones that stood out to me:

Kevin Goebel used the Marine Dungeon style for this excellent lighthouse and underwater ruin.

Royal Scribe used the Heraldic symbols for CC3+ and combined them with styling from the Marine Dungeons to create more Brass Inlays.

Kalihirin Island is just one of many maps shared by Quenten this month. He uses the Mike Schley overland style from the base program.

Stephen St John is back (I haven’t shared a map of his for a while) with this great Ruined Outpost in the Forest Trails style.

Roger Nicholls used the Darklands overland style to create this lovely regional map of The Gap

Ricko Hasche of course used the latest free symbols by Mike Schley to create more of his stunning scenes like this Mountain Village.

Since the two recent films Dune is on everybody’s mind, or at least obviously on Julian Dracos’, judging by this map of Arrakis in the 13th Age overland style.

The latest free symbols in a Far Eastern Style, seem to have brought other Asian-themed maps to the forefront as well, like EucalyptusNow excellent floorplan and battle map of the Calm Water Lily Inn. He makes great use of the Asian Town style here.

Eric McNeal‘s historic maps of American cities are always a feast for the eyes and none more than this one of Versailles, Missouri.

No one is as prolific with Symbol Set 5’s Cities of Schley style as Duane Wilkey. Alst is the latest addition to this great range of village, town and city maps.

Dak has shared another of his beautiful continental maps using the Mike Schley overland style to its fullest: Pangia. I adore the believability of these continents.

After his recent excursion into ancient cities C.C. Charon is now diving into Moody Mansions with this floorplan of Kellor’s Manor.

Last but not least, I love Wes Otis‘s map of the Lands of Anverly for its unashamedly simple pulp “Sword & Sorcery” style. He used Ancient Realms style with a custom font for this map.

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