Home Sweet Home

For my own ongoing Deadlands Reloaded campaign, I’ve created this battle map of a run-down home out in the Weird West. It’s based on the DD3 Battle Map template from the Annual Vol 2 and uses textures and symbols from DD3, Symbol Set 2 and the CSUAC. The roof texture on the upper level is from City Designer 3.

Click on the images below to load the full-size A3 pdfs.
Flanagan Manor Ground Floor
Flanagan Manor Upper Floor

You can download the FCW files from this link, but be aware that you need all the before-mentioned products to see the correctly.

One Response to “Home Sweet Home”

  1. I think this is inspired work. I deeply admire realistic maps that include a logical layout and, especially, functional rooms (such as a privy) that tend to escape *me* when I’m mapping. This has an authentic feel, regardless of whether it’s truly indicative of an actual Old West home.

    The dead and dying landscape is fantastic as well.

    Thanks for sharing — thanks especially for sharing the FCW files. One of the best ways to learn is to examine and dissect excellent maps like this.