CC3+ Update: DD3 compatibility

DD3 in CC3+We’ve been working hard on making the add-ons compatible with CC3+. It’s not straightforward, as not only maps and templates need to be updated, but interactions with our polished, updated code and the legacy code in add-on functions can cause new bugs in legacy to rear their ugly heads. It does mean that add-on code gets a polish, too. So, we are please to announce that a much faster, CC3+ compatible Dungeon Designer 3 with all-new icons is now ready.

You’ll first need to update your CC3+ to the latest version (3.66). You’ll find the update among your downloads for CC3+ on the registration page. Or if you haven’t installed CC3+ yet – perhaps you were waiting for it to work with DD3 – download the latest full setup for CC3+.

Then you can download the DD3 compatibility update for CC3+ from your registration page and install it. It will add all Dungeon Designer functionality to CC3+. Enjoy!

In addition to preparing CC3+ for DD3, the Update 1 fixes some additional bugs that came up during the early adopter phase and adds some additional resources. Here is the list:

CC3+ Version 3.66

  • added CC3 Overland Hex style
  • added Text drawing tools to Mike Schley Overland style
  • added “Open Autosave File” option to the File menu
  • includes preparation for DD3 integration
  • updated tutorial maps with current effect settings
  • Insert File fixed to recognise @ path
  • Symbol Manager display fixed to show all Symbols
  • Control points fixed to work in CC3+
  • Templates fixed to correctly swap fill style resolutions
  • restored drawing dialogs to the Draw Menu: Path, Polygon, Circle, Arc, Lines, Offset
  • fixed some DPI scaling issues in the Symbol Manager

8 Responses to “CC3+ Update: DD3 compatibility”

  1. Great news!

    What are you guys planning to integrate next? Perhaps City Designer?

  2. Ralf, I cannot get the DD compatibility update on my registration page, despite having CC+ (see my registration page). What is the problem, and can you help?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. I just downloaded the CC3+ update 1, and it rewrote all of the files in my CC3+ folder, which happened to delete the map I had been working on. Granted, I should have backed it up, but I am incredibly annoyed right now.

    Be warned, everyone. Back up your maps before installing the update, as it WILL delete them all.

  4. Yes, City Designer 3 is next on the list.

  5. It is among the DD3 downloads. Just click the download button next to DD3 (Downloads & Updates tab) and grab the “DD3 setup for CC3+”.

  6. The CC3 Update 1 does not delete any user-created files, at least according to our knowledge and beta-testing. Please contact tech support and we might be able to find your old files.

  7. What is the proper install order need to get DD3 to work with CC3+. I installed the current version of CC3+ and then installed the DD3 compatability update for CC3+, but I do not have DD3 functionality. Do I need to reinstall the current of version of DD3 as well. Thanks.

  8. Steve, the install order would be CC3+ > DD3 for CC3+ > (optionally) CC3+ Update 1. If you don’t get the proper DD3 menus, please contact us via the tech support form on your registration page.