Using ProFantasy Art without ProFantasy’s Software

It has come to my attention that some of you are, let us say, not exclusive to CC3. You galavant off with other software such as Photoshop, GIMP, or even Fractal Mapper or Dundjinni. Some of you (I hestitate to say this) don’t use CC3 at all! However, in the face of such naughtiness, we turn the other cheek. In many of our products we offer our PNG art, with transparencies, to non-CC3 users, for commercial and non-commercial use.

  • Campaign Cartographer 3 includes a full set of overland map symbols for use with any software.
  • Dungeon Designer 3 will install its dungeon and floorplan artwork without CC3 installed. Read more here.
  • City Designer 3 installs its city building art to a convenient location. More here.
  • Fractal Terrains Pro is stand-alone and exports PNG files.
  • Our Source Maps series include a stand alone viewer which allows PNG export, as well as PDFs of all the maps, and HTML formatted linked information on all the maps.
  • We are rebuilding Cosmographer, Symbol Set 1 and Symbol Set 2 to install their artwork, too.
  • Some monthly issues of our annuals include PNG artwork, but in general you really need CC3 to make use of them.

The artwork consists of folders of high resolution PNG files of symbols, along with a variety of seamless tiles.

3 Responses to “Using ProFantasy Art without ProFantasy’s Software”

  1. I was interested in making some maps for an iPad app. I was wondering which of your programs that the included artwork was free. PLEASE SAY DUNGEON DESIGNER 3!!! šŸ™‚ I’d appreciate a response, and look forward to using your apps in the near future!

  2. We have no programs in which our included artwork is free. You can use the artwork to create maps which you can use freely for other publications, under the terms of our license. The only restriction is maps produced at miniature scale. So, if you wanted to produce a map for an iPad app, that should be fine. Check the license agreement.

  3. Excellent! I have read the license and looks like I’m good to go. I appreciate it!