User Maps: The Summer

Normally it is a little quieter in our community during the summer months, with us being at GenCon and many people on vacation or enjoying the outdoors. But this year, many amazing and beautiful new maps were posted on the ProFantasy forum. Let’s take a look at this summer’s crop – almost 30 maps in total!

Grimur used the Dungeons of Schley symbol set to draw this beautiful tavern floorplan. There’s a little bit of Photoshop post-processing involved, but nothing that could not be done in CC3+ either.
The Royal Oak
And his city map of Martell matches this style beautifully.
Finally, he used the latest Annual style by Pär Lindström for this quick local map. The paper folds add just that extra touch of awesome.

Mateus090985 continued his series of political alternate-earth maps, highlighting several regions in detail.
Political map 2042

Craig730 created this sci-fi rifleman in Character Artist 3 – quite amazing considering that CA3 really is a fantasy-only product. Kudos!

Yours truly (Ralf) created a couple battle maps for his 13th Age campaign and shared them on the forum.
Sea Temple

The MadCartographer expanded upon his Lerchanth world maps with a map of the City of Bremil and a floorplan of the Harpy Inn (both in in Jon Roberts styles).
Harpy Inn

Modric shared his first work with Fractal Terrains, a beautiful world map. Amazing how a simple font choice screams Sword & Sorcery!
By Crom!

This beautiful little village map is from Steve Travis‘ series of “Das Schwarze Auge” maps. Savor the German name of the village: Dreiseenbroich.

Posting even a fraction of CharleyWayneRobinson‘s Kelleemah regional maps would overwhelm this thread, so here are just a couple of his great maps. Click on the images to see more in the forum thread!

ArgoForg‘s gorgeous city map of Arianis showcases what you can do with some custom bitmap fills. And he also explains how he used them in the forum thread!
His underground garden map is also very interesting, using some nice sheet effects to create the impression of light falling through a grid from above.
Underground Garden

Mappy posted another map for the Mines of Phandelver adventure, the Wave Echo Caves. Wonderful use of the Mike Schley dungeon style.
Wave Echo Caves

Kylania posted a first map both in Mike Schley overland and the new Annual local map style. It’s nice to compare the completely different look of the maps.
Kylania also shared a set of battle maps for the Harried in Hillsfar collection. Great use of the Dungeons of Schley style. Click on the map to see the others!

Barliman in contrast used the good old default CC3 overland style for his first map: The Exarchate of Monckton. Great work!

Skycast elaborated on his earlier hex map of the Caribbean, by zooming in and giving the whole map an alternate history twist. It’s still mind-blowing!

Saito S dug up an older Annual Style “Modern Political Maps” and created this great map of the Republic of Valocea.

Dungeon Master Gaz delighted the whole community with his three maps of Estlond, each done in a different style. Which one is your favorite?
Estlond 1
Estlond 2
Estlond 3

HelenAA used Symbol Set 3 for this modern home floorplan.
Modern Home

Gathar created this interesting combination in Character Artist 3: One character is scaled down to become a puppet in the main figures hands.
Elerossë Friedman

And finally Blackadder23 shared another style comparison – the Red-Hand Barony in two of Pär Lindström’s illustrative regional/local styles.
Red Hand Barony

Red Hand Barony

Thanks to all for sharing their great work on the forum. You are an amazing community!

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  1. The Estlond map in the Schley style is just gorgeous.