User Maps of May

It’s time for our monthly look at what great maps the ProFantasy user community has produced. Let’s see what everyone has come up with!

Joachim de Ravenbel is back with this beautiful battle map of Hanin’s Chapel.
Hanin's Chapel

KROM delights once more with his Dioramas models plus floorplans. See his Mausoleum and the Kothian Houses:

Kothian Houses

Bryan proudly presents his very first battle map in action (done with DD3). Well done, Bryan, we hope to see more!
Battlemap in Action

Chief posted this nice map of the Firkrag Mountains done in Fantasy Realms style.
Firkrag Mountains

What would be a month of user maps without some of anomiecoalitions great map work? Here is the latest work: A Troglodyte Lair.
Troglodyte Lair

Fub merges the real and imaginary in this metro map ofr his home town of Nijmegen – a great use of the abstract style from last year’s Annual.
Nijmegen Metro

Clercon‘s pirate treasure map is awesome, as it portrays his own home as “Neverland” for his daughter’s birthday party.

Modric works his magic by combining the Midgard Style with filter work in Photoshop to produce this great map.
Ashtra Redux

Mappy adds another battle map to the growing collection, this time of very important building for your typical fantasy campaign: The pub!
The Pub

TolrendorDM takes the Annual’s Midgard Style through its paces on this map of the Northern Realms of Tolrendor.

KenG does somethign different with his entry for the “One Page Dungeon contest“.
Minotaur Maze

Jason Z maps the Moathouse, as castle his group of heroes has been granted as their own.

Yours truly (Ralf) had added two more battlemaps to his collection of Deadlands work: A Chinatown block and the street in front of a saloon.

Moskva produces this great example of the Modern street atlas style: the town of Hulst.

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  1. Wow! A really nice collection of maps, huge variation in styles to choose from. The battle maps are particularly good!

  2. Great selection again, the annuals really make this an awesome product.

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