User Maps of February and March

Here’s the next collection of user maps from our forum. My, these guys have been busy again! Please note that I’m not including the competition entries in this this list, they are listed in a previous blog post.

Clercon posted one of his gorgeous city maps, a combination of work in City Designer 3 and Photoshop.
C:UsersHemmaCreative Cloud FilesChaseCity.FCW

Grimur is back with a combination of the Midgard style from the Annual 2013 and some Photoshop post-work. Nice stuff!
Coast of the Hilltribes

Skycast produced this amazing hex map of the Caribbean, the level of detail is just mind-boggling.
Carribean Hex Map

Steve Travis continued his series of maps for “Das Schwarze Auge”, a German rpg. Too many to list here, these are just three samples from his amazing collection.
DSA Tower
DSA Castle
DSA Overland

KenG used this year’s Annual style “WWW2IA Overland Maps” for this map of the community “Kleiner Berg”.
Kleiner Berg

qwalker posted this amazingly detailed map of his campaign world. Look at the amount of stuff on there!
Myirandios Detail

Drednort created this huge city map in City Designer 3.

Snebjørn posted his first map on the forum, a beautiful continent map done with the Fantasy Worlds overland style.

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  1. I am in awe of these beautifully detailed color maps! ProFantasy software seems to bring out the creative best in its users!