User maps of December and January

Hi folks, it’s been a while since we last took a look the maps the community users post in the forum, so let’s not dawdle any longer and get to it.

qwalker posted a lot of wonderful maps from his Myrirandios world, inlcuding the John Speed style city map of Alodosis and the Crazy Camel Inn mapped in DD3. And the best thing? You can download his maps in FCW from the forum thread too.
Myrirandios 1
Myrirandios 2
Crazy Camel Inn

In a separate thread qwalker took a different approach and uses the Sarah Wroot style from the the very first Annual volume
Myrirandios 3

Keen was one of the first to try out the Ancient Realms style from last year’s Annual and came up with this lovely little map. It just needs some labels to be ready to go as a campaign map.
Ancient Realms

Here’s just a small selection of the huge number of maps shared by CharlesWayneRobinson. Check out more maps of the island of Perinusa and his world on the forum.

In a novel idea WarEagle mapped a software project as a fantasy island in the Mike Schley style from CC3+!
Software Project

thehawk recreated a space sector map from an old game. I bet CC3’s precive coordinate mapping came in handy.

Castle Mistamere is the first shared project by mistamichal and recreates the castle from the old D&D red box with the Dungeons of Schley style from Symbol Set 4.
Castle Mistamere

Dkarr uses CC3+ to track the movements and exploration in his group’s Pathfinder Kingmaker campaign.

tonnichiwa was the first to try out the new Annual style Empire of the Sun.
Empire of theSun

Svaala started sharing his world map projevt using the Mike Schley Overland style. He’s got some work to do to complete the map, but I’m including it here already because I really like attention he gives to regional sections, with a great balance of symbols.
World Map

2 Responses to “User maps of December and January”

  1. Very cool maps! I particularly like the Asian-themed one, I would love to use that for a campaign.

  2. That’s the “Empire of the Sun” style from the current Annual subscription. You can check it out here.