User Maps – March Collection

It’s time again to admire all the user maps that have popped up in the ProFantasy forum during the last four weeks.

Taking up a recent Annual issue (Pär Lindström’s regional style), Modric created this beauty of the Dwimmerheim region.

The map of the Northern Chyan Empire was created by landorl in the Pete Fenlon style. The maps still has a couple glitches (the straight blue lines), but already shows off the beauty of that style.
Northern Chyan Empire

Bryan is perfecting his personal parchment style, and Ossa Province is the second map done with it.
Ossa Province

Yours truly (Ralf) has added another Deadlands Reloaded battle map to the collection, this time of a longhouse on a wintry clearing.
Longhouse on a Wintry Clearing

KenG adds more beautiful floorplans, this time of a large manor house. Be sure to click the image below to see all the different floors and views he has created!
Manor House

dedmeetdm presents the Western Kingdoms as his first map on the forum. He’s making great use of Herwin Wielink’s overland style.
The Western Kingdoms

Calling it “Just a Doodle”, KenG puts the Jon Roberts Dungeon style to something very different it was originally intended. Very clever!
Castle on the Hill

Modric creates another unusual map, using the Jon Roberts City Style to map the plane of Mechanus.
Mechanus Factoria

Sadizm continues his series of awesome western-themed maps, this time creating the wonderful Hard Knocks Saloon & brothel. Check out the thread to see a lot different rooms with great details!
Hard Knocks Saloon and Brothel

Mateus090985 continues work on his Reinos Imortais world map, now showing off ocean currents.
Reinos Imortais

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