User Maps – January Roundup

We’ve gone into 2013 and our community shows no sign of letting up with the barrage of wonderful user maps. Here’s the roundup for January!

KenG was inspired by KROM’s wonderful close-up maps/paintings done in the Herwin Wielink overland style. The result is this beautiful local map.
Local Map

People had trouble believing the following was Leviathus‘ first serious attempt at a map in CC3. No surprise, the Island of Vulcan has come out really nice.

Moskva put an amazing amount of work in this very detailed black and white city map of Traianopolis.

Anomiecoalition keeps adding to the wonderful series of desert-themed maps with this multi-level floorplan of a desert fort…
Nob Biranit
… and the recently revealed Tomb of Shaddad.
 Tomb of Shaddad

Legendary Teeth (interesting username there!) produced this nice player handout from a very simple black and white CC3 map, by printing it on a baking sheet and soaking it in tea.
Island Handout

Beautiful maps in the Annual 2012’s final overland style continue to get posted, as the Havenscoast maps by TolrendorDM.
The Havenscoast

This is another submission by KenG, or should I say three? It’s three floors of the Bloated Goat Inn done in DD3 and gorgeous detail. You really need to take a look at the forum thread (click the image) to get a proper view of these maps.
The Bloated Goat Inn
And KenG is not stoppign there! Here are another two floorplans, showing the dfirst and second floor of a City Admin office.
City Admin Office

By printing it on parchment paper, Legendary Teeth transformed this already nice Sarah Wroot style map into a beautiful artefact.
Sea Of Tears

Together with his Streamdales map Fub posted this nice little village map done in City Designer 3.

Maghdas is another first map, this time by TheEnthusiast. The Herwin Wielink overland style used here proves again that is an excellent starting style for CC3 users.
First Map

TolrendorDM took the January style from 2013’s Annual and converted the included cork board template into a parchment/wood board for a Fantasy theme. Ingenious!
Parchment Board

Clercon again demonstrates his penchant for combining City Designer layouts with Photoshop ornamentation if this fairy book map of the city Farvjad. You can also see the pure City Designer 3 map in the forum thread.

KROM goes in a new direction with his series of Dioramas buildings created with DD3 textures. Wonderful work!
Black Ram Diorama
Diorama Building

Joachim de Ravenbel is back with a city map in his one of his always unique and amazing style ideas.

Moskva redid an old world map in Pär Lindström’s Fantasy Worlds style. Very nice work!
World Map

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