User Maps – February Collection

We’re a bit earlier this time around, so I don’t have a full month of user maps to round up. The tally is still very impressive, as well as the skill and imagination of our users.

Krom continued his series of Diorama buildings created from DD3 resources, with this beautiful village temple.
Temple Diorama

KenG drew this beautiful floor plan of some manor house stables, including artwork from DD3, the CSUAC and the Dundjinni forums.
Manor House Stables

Jvstin‘s map is done in CC3 (and Herwin Wielink’s overland style) and based on a map from a novel. The forum thread spawned some interesting comments on how to improve terrain in a map like this (click the image below to go there). The font used seems to be a user favorite.
Cerani Empire

Modric drew unanimous praise for his use of the 13th Age style in this map (and rightfully so), even if the dreaded “rivers need to flow more naturally” discussion was brought up again by yours truly.

Bryan dug up an old set of vector line symbols and went ahead to produce this gorgeous parchment-style map from it. Great work!
Stavengaard Province

Agatheon‘s map in the Pete Fenlon style is actually an older one, from just before I started posting round-ups of user maps. But it was brought up again this month and I just adore it too much, not to list it here. It’s got tons of things going for it: It’s his first map in CC3, it uses one of my favorite styles, and it shows a famous region from D&D. What’s not to like?
Nentir Vale

Vector styles seem to be popular this month (not a bad thing in my book!), as Leviathus demonstrated with her beautiful Mercator-style map of her game world.

This map is still in a work-in-progress, but already shows anomiecoalition‘s eye for detail and beauty. The forum thread also contains some very useful info on shaded polygons and house roofs.
Evil Abbey

With Sadizm we now have a second forum member producing battle maps for Deadlands Reloaded. Check out his appropriately creepy scenes.
Abandoned Mine

Yours truly is continuing his Deadlands reloaded campaign and producing more battle maps in the process. This time it was a small underground hideout and laboratory and a frozen lakeside up in the mountains:
Agency Station
Frozen Lake

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  1. Well actually Leviathus is a girl 😉 (but I don’t blame you with a username like this)

    Anyway, great maps everyone!

  2. @Leviathus, My apologies!