User Maps – December Roundup

I’m a bit late – due to the holidays and the release of the new Annual – but I don’t want to keep December’s beautiful new creations of the Profantasy user community from you.

Moskva very slightly missed the November round-up, so the first draft at his nice Hurland Country Map didn’t make it last time. This is kinda fortunate, because you can now see it in full detail!
Country Map

FarsightX3 re-posted his huge continental map of Mahdran. It’s a massive undertaking and well worth exploring once you’ve loaded the 12Mb image file.

Yours truly (Ralf) posted a couple battlemaps from our Deadlands Reloaded campaign. They are available as full-sized pdfs if you want to use them yourself.
Mountain Glade
War Eagle Mountain

nlp138 created this map for his “Kingmaker” adventure path using the 13th Age style. He mixed in a few Jon Roberts style symbols, and they match surprisingly well.
The Green Belt

Moskva used the Jon Roberts Cities style to create this large layout of the city of Altenberg. A good map was made even better by sage advice from the community.

This beautiful treasure map of “Broderick’s Hoard” was done by jigsawman as a Christmas gift for a friend.
Brodericks Hoard

Modric tried his hand at December’s “Pär Lindström Regional” Annual style, and what can I say? His maps always come out great.
And here’s his new version of an earlier map, re-touched with the new symbols added to the Herwin Wielink style in November.

KROM created another very unique and inspiring floorplan, this time of the “Temple of the Snakemen”.
Temple Of The Snakemen

anomiecoalition continues them amazing series of desert-themed maps with this floorplan of a Palace Complex. A must-see!
Palace Complex

Kier presented this almost photo-realistic map of a small woodland village. It’s hard to believe his claim that it is his first map done with CC3!
Wood Haven

What can you expect when the designer of a mapping style and creates a campaign map in his own style? Something beautiful of course! Check out these maps by Clercon, using his own Pär Lindström Regional artwork.

anomiecoalition‘s first overland map, is just as nice as the desert-themed maps done before!

pdj, Shessar, and anomiecoalition brought these very special season’s greeting to the Profantasy community forum. Thank you!
Solstice Greeeting
Happy Holidays
Santa Murder Scene

jigsawman took a step further from a map towards painted scenery and added these wonderful clouds to a Herwin Wielink style map.
Just see what a wonderful piece of art this became:
Framed Blackshard Map

This black and white city map by Henrie61 is a work in progress, but I didn’t want to keep it from you, as it is so promising.
BW City

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