User Maps: April

Time flies and for a moment it seemed like yesterday that I posted the last collection of user maps from the forum. But then I look at all the beautiful new maps and think “No way they managed to do that overnight. It’s hard enough to believe these all appeared within a month.” Let’s take a look!

SteveTravis continues his awesome series of maps for the German rpg “Das Schwarze Auge”. Here are the town of Andergast, the map for an overland journey and a villain hideout.
Overland Trip


Jedius presents his CC3 map – “Upper Nearth” and it’s great first map indeed.
Upper Nerath

Olona posts her Mike Schley-style campaign map “Imora” for a new D&D5 campaign.

Tensun is another newcomer to the forum who has taken great care and deliberation with his first map – and it shows!

FarsightX BeyondTheAtticanWall continues the work on his massive MMORPG map of Madrahn and Parmencia. You#ll have to follow the link to see the map in its full glory.

Modric presents his first map done in Mike Schley’s CC3+ style and it comes as no surpise that it is as beautiful as Modric’s previous work.
Realm Of Jan

Joachim de Ravenbel shares the next amazing project of his: A top-down perspective map of the “Tower of the Desert Winds”. Make sure to check out the froum thread, it contains even more beautiful levels than shown here.
Tower Desert Winds 1
Tower Desert Winds 2
 Tower Desert Wind 3

Mateus090985 use Pär Lindström’s black and white town style for great effect for this abandoned military base.
Casa Laranja

SlaveOne continues his remakes of classic Forgotten Realms locations with this island of Chult map.

Madcat drew this simple but evocative map in the CC3+’s black and white style. It wants me to go adventuring right away!

Astrayel1 paid lose attention to colors in his “Les Chroniques de Mô” map, which resulted in a very pleasing overall feel.
Chronique de Mo

I’m delighted to see that whit2468 is creating more of his gorgeous Middle-earth maps in Pete Fenlon’s style. Look at this wonderful rendering of the Shire and equally beautiful maps of Bree and the barrow-downs.
The Shire

3 Responses to “User Maps: April”

  1. Great pieces!

  2. Amazing collection of maps this month 🙂

  3. Great work everyone! Inspires me to learn the tool more and more each day so I can try and turn out quality pieces like this!

    – Stan