Token Treasury – Monsters 2 Release

Ogre MageWe are happy to announce the release of Token Treasury: Monsters 2, our second release in a line offering tokens for CC3+ and supporting virtual tabletop software with ready-to-use artwork.

The Token Treasury line gives you a huge selection of creatures and characters to populate your maps, with frames and varicolor backgrounds to customize your virtual tabletop tokens. The art is available as CC3+ symbols and as PNG files for any graphics package such as Photoshop and GIMP. The Token Treasury is designed for use with any virtual table top software such as roll20, Battlegrounds, d20pro and Fantasy grounds.

Token Treasury: Monsters 2 contains 100 creatures drawn by fantasy artist Rich Longmore, in rectangular and circular forms, as well as a set of token frames for depicting the creatures role and position in combat for your fantasy maps.

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Token Treasury: Monsters 2 can now be ordered from the ProFantasy store.

The full feature list includes:
Example Map

  • More than 500 symbols for use in CC3+ including the 100 creatures and 32 frames/arrows frames in 4 symbol catalogs, and templates and drawing styles for creating more token combinations.
  • More than 700 tokens, consisting of 100 creatures and 32 frames/arrows in various configurations, for immediate use in any graphics software such as Photoshop or GIMP.
  • Ready for use in virtual table top (VTT) application such as roll20, d20pro, Battlegrounds and Fantasy Grounds.
  • Frames for melee, ranged, magic and bosses to denote the creature’s role in combat, and arrows to indicate their facing.
  • A guide introducing you to the Token Treasury both within CC3+ and in other applications.
  • If you own CC3+, TT:M also installs symbol catalogs, templates and drawing tools. Create custom tokens with varicolour backgrounds and add your own frames. Mirror the symbols to add variations.

This is the full list of creatures. Normal creatures are 300 x 300 pixels, large creatures are 600 x 600 pixels, and huge creatures are 600 x 900 pixels.

  • Animated Armor normal
  • Azer 1 normal
  • Azer 2 normal
  • Basilisk normal
  • Behemoth huge
  • Bird Swarmlarge
  • Boar Dire normal
  • Centaur Chief large
  • Centaur Melee large
  • Centaur Ranged large
  • Crab Giant normal
  • Crocodile normal
  • Death Knight normal
  • Demon Incubus normal
  • Demon Succubus normal
  • Deva 1 normal
  • Deva 2 normal
  • Devil (Barbed) normal
  • Dinosaur (Raptor) normal
  • Dinosaur (TRex) huge
  • Displacer Beast normal
  • Dog Guard normal
  • Dog Hunting normal
  • Dog Rabid normal
  • Dretch 1 normal
  • Dretch 2 normal
  • Drow Assassin normal
  • Drow Matriarch normal
  • Eagle 1 normal
  • Eagle 2 normal
  • Elephant huge
  • Ettercap normal
  • Fey Pixie normal
  • Fey Sprite normal
  • Flying Skull normal
  • Frog Giant normal
  • Frogspawn Chief normal
  • Frogspawn Melee normal
  • Frogspawn Priest normal
  • Frogspawn Ranged normal
  • Giant Cloud huge
  • Giant Snail normal
  • Giant Storm huge
  • Gibbering Mouther normal
  • Golem Flesh large
  • Golem Iron large
  • Harpy normal
  • Hawk normal
  • Hyena normal
  • Kraken huge
  • Leopard normal
  • Lion normal
  • Mimic normal
  • Mohrg normal
  • Octopus Giant large
  • Ogre Mage large
  • Orca large
  • Phoenix large
  • Piranha Swarm large
  • Purple Worm large
  • Rat Dire normal
  • Rat Ogre large
  • Ratfolk Captain normal
  • Ratfolk Magic-user normal
  • Ratfolk Melee normal
  • Ratfolk Ranged normal
  • Rust Monster normal
  • Sahuagin Captain normal
  • Sahuagin Melee normal
  • Sahuagin Priest normal
  • Sahuagin Ranged normal
  • Satyr normal
  • Serpentfolk Captain normal
  • Serpentfolk Magic-user normal
  • Serpentfolk Melee normal
  • Serpentfolk Ranged normal
  • Shambling Mound large
  • Shark normal
  • Snake Python normal
  • Snake Venomonous normal
  • Spider Swarm large
  • Stirge normal
  • Svirfneblin Chieftain normal
  • Svirfneblin Magic-user normal
  • Svirfneblin Melee normal
  • Svirfneblin Ranged normal
  • Tiefling Rogue 1 normal
  • Tiefling Rogue 2 normal
  • Tiger normal
  • Tiger normal
  • Troglodytes Captain normal
  • Troglodytes Magic-user normal
  • Troglodytes Melee normal
  • Troglodytes Ranged normal
  • Werebear large
  • Wereboar normal
  • Wererat normal
  • White Stag normal
  • Winter Wolf normal
  • Xorn normal

2 Responses to “Token Treasury – Monsters 2 Release”

  1. Just bought the Token Treasury 2 and once again these are beautiful pieces of artwork. More, please!

    Seriously though, are there plans for TT3? Still would also love to have NPC tokens (humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, etc.)

  2. Thanks for your kind words! Quite possible that there will be a TT3, but it depends a bit on how popular this continues to be. It’s not 100% decided yet.