Token Treasury “Monsters” – Pre-release Offer

Stone GiantWe’ve been working hard on the new Token Treasury product line and are happy to make the first set available as a pre-release offer.

We’ve expanded the range of monsters in the first set to 100, and created them both in a round and a square variant, so you can choose you’re preferred token look. Both come with a set of frames depicting the monster’s combat role (melee, ranged, magic-user or captain). These can be freely mixed and matched, creating hundreds of possible combinations.

The CC3+ version of the token set comes with everything neatly organized in sets of symbol catalogs and contains templates on which you can easily combine monsters and frames and then export them to you jpg or png format for use in the virtual tabletop software or your choice. Of course you can also simply plop them into your Dungeon Designer 3 map!

Square Token ExampleThe pre-release version will install only if you own Campaign Cartographer 3+, but the full version (to be released early next year) will offer you the option to install it separately, for direct use in any virtual tabletop software or the graphics package of your choice. There will be no need to re-purchase the full version; you will receive a new setup file. There may be a few other changes and additions in the full version.

The Token Treasury – Monsters is now available at a special pre-release discount of 15%. Just follow this link to order it.

Monster Token round

5 Responses to “Token Treasury “Monsters” – Pre-release Offer”

  1. Curious.

    Do you plan on a promotional video?

  2. We’ll see what we can put together!

  3. Loving this idea, I’m into it now, but the templates seem to be many (a grid) that you would maybe print out. Not sure how to do single tokens for VTT. Are there instructions or a video?

  4. The selection of monsters is tremendous, and the artwork if fantastic!

  5. Looking for something just like this. Minis are far too expensive. Looking forward to see how far you take this. Cheers