The World of Caera – CC3/Jon Roberts Style

Last week we played the first session of a German indie rpg: Dungeonslayers. As the name implies it’s a quick and easy, not quite old-school, Fantasy hack-and-slay (but not only) game. It’s a free download but can also be purchases in printed format at a very reasonable price. It’s worth it – we had a lot of fun.

The game comes with its own little setting called Caera. Its black-and-white maps are nothing to be sneered at, but of course they tickled my fancy and I set out to create my own CC3 version of the map. I loved creating this month’s Annual style (design by Jon Roberts) very much, so I decided to use it. Here it is:

Click the map image to load a larger version of the map.

The original black and white map is available from the Downloads section of the German Dungeonslayers website.

The CC3 file can be downloaded from this link.


15 Responses to “The World of Caera – CC3/Jon Roberts Style”

  1. […] guys at Profantasy used the style to recreate the world of Caera map for the Dungeonslayers free RPG. It’s surprising, and flattering, to see my work in some […]

  2. Very cute. Looks right out of a commercial top quality RPG product. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi and thank you for such a wonderful map! I’m trying to help out the guys at DS by hanging some of the labels to English. I have CC3 and have purchased the Cart. Annual 2011 Vol 5 but for the life of me cannot figure out how to simply change the text labels. I have a list of the translations and just need to replace them on the map. Any ideas?


    ~ Jack

  4. It’s actually just the entries on the curved lines…sorry 🙂

  5. Unfortunately, the curved text entries are not editable, as CC3 does these as grouped single letters.

    You’ll have to delete and the redo the ones you want to chance. The command is Draw > Text along a curve.

  6. @ralf, Thanks for the reply Ralf 🙂 Of i go then…this is a pretty cool thing to learn!

  7. @ralf Hi Ralf….What font did you use on the map?



  8. The font I used is “JSL Ancient”. You can use LIST in CC3 on any text entity to check that.

  9. @ralf, Excellent thanks…I made all of the changes then realized that they all defaulted to Arial…lol. Can I make a blanket change to the text layer?

  10. @Jack Berberette, Yes, you can (or select by Entity Type > 2d Text). Just make sure you only touch the font type, so other stuff doesn’t get changed for everything.

  11. @ralf Sorry….just figured it out 😛 All I had to do was download and install the font and re-open the file. All better. Thank you so much for your super fast response!

  12. Happy to help!

  13. @ralf Thank you so much Ralf…everything has come out great! I have one last question and I hopefully will promise to quit bugging you 🙂 Is there a way to export this out without the white border for edge to edge printing. I would like to save it as a jpeg 4000 X 2882 bot not have a white matte around the map…. I just don’t know how to do that.

    Can you point me in the right direction?



  14. @Jack Berberette, Save as > Rectangular Secion JPG, then select points on the edge of the map to avoid the white border.

    Also, I’d recommend saving as PNG instead of JPG – that’s the better format.

  15. @ralf, Thanks ralf!!!!