The Tome of Ultimate Mapping – now for Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus!

TomeGood news for all fans of the magnificent Tome of Ultimate Mapping! Remy Monsen has updated and expanded its content to cover CC3+ and all its new and shiny functionality. In the process the already voluminous book expanded to more than 700 pages of mapping goodness (another 90 pages added).

Covering all ProFantasy products and add-ons from Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus and Fractal Terrains 3 to Perspectives 3, Source Maps and the Annuals, the Tome includes a huge range of diverse topics, like designing cities, combining multiple drawing styles in one map, and writing macros for CC3+. Take a peek at its content in the Tome 3+ preview.

If you own the Tome of Ultimate Mapping v3, the Tome 3+ is a free update for you, and if you own the older edition of the Tome of Ultimate Mapping (for CC2 Pro), there is an upgrade offer available. In both cases you should have received an email with the offer. If not, you can check with us via email.

If you don’t have the Tome yet, you can grab it here.

4 Responses to “The Tome of Ultimate Mapping – now for Campaign Cartographer 3 Plus!”

  1. Ralf, I still have not got the email to download the Tome for CC3+. I already have the version for CC3 v3, and I believe I am to get the CC3+ version one free. But it seems that there are glitches in the way of getting this – the rego page still asks me to pay.
    Sorry to sound narky – I actually think you and the team at ProFantasy do a terrific job.

  2. Hello Ralf!
    Really excited about this update, been looking forward to it.
    I cannot seem to find the update files though (I do see the same update files as before, but the ones that contain the CC3+ addon files that seem more temporary until the actual Tome 3+ was fully updated).
    I assume later the full update will be available?


  3. Hi,
    Same problem here. Got CC3 version but I cant’t download the CC3+ version without paying it !

  4. If you own CC3+ and the Tome v3, and did not receive an email with instruction on how to get the free update, please send me an email at and we’ll sort it out!