The Token Treasury 1 – Foes You Love To Hate

Goblin Magic-userWe are happy to give you a first little glimpse of a new product line we are considering and working on: the Token Treasury. Rich Longmore – the artist behind Character Artist 3 – is working on a set of monster tokens that can be used in virtual tabletops like Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds, as paper tokens on your own battle maps, or as symbols on any floorplan created with CC3+ and its add-ons.

The first TT pack will contain about 50 different monsters covering the “typical” range of enemies a group of fantasy heroes might face, from lowly kobolds and goblins via trolls and ogres to giants and dragons. Each will come in multiple varicolor varieties, allowing you to easily identify different types or individuals of the same kind of monsters. It is tentatively scheduled for release in July.

Tokens on Battle mapThe monster tokens will combine with a set of “ring” symbols, that add can another layer of information, like facing, wound status, conditions and so on.

Depending on our users’ interests and wishes, we plan to produce more Token Treasury packs with rarer and more obscure monster types, heroes and their allies, and possibly even more exotic options. We’d be happy to hear your ideas and wishes for the Token Treasury!

18 Responses to “The Token Treasury 1 – Foes You Love To Hate”

  1. Will this include “blank” or “template” token rings as well? For example, to use in creation of our own tokens?

  2. Yes, definitely. We will make these as customizable as possible. You’ll for example able to build character tokens with the Character Artist 3 artwork (and outside artwork as well of course).

  3. I am really excited about this product. I’ve slowly collected most of the Profantasy products and this will give me another exciting purchase path to go down.

  4. I’m in the early planning phases of a Fantasy Grounds campaign I want to run late this year, these would be valuable.

  5. Great Idea!

    Monsters, PCs and NPCs, magic and nonmagic items, traps, environmental and other obstacles, …

    Lots of possibilities.

  6. Will these tokens be able to be used with Roll20?

  7. Thoughts on commercial licensing?

    One of the things I create with CC are adventure modules for use with Fantasy Grounds and for sale through the DMsG. I would love to be able to include these types of custom tokens as part of a digital product that includes maps, stories, encounters, etc. (Not as a product of a collection of tokens).

    Might such use be possible or might a commercial license be possible?

  8. Sounds awesome

  9. Cool Stuff. Are You thinking on Fantasy Staff only or will the be also SiFi Stuff like Starships and so on?

  10. SOLD!!!!! A grand Idea..never can have too many tokens, players get sick of my same ones all the time..

  11. Looks like the makings of a great product. Very interested in seeing where this goes!

  12. These look really cool. Nice idea.

  13. Great idea! Would be cool if the tokens could combine with any ‘background’ (including transparent!!) and any shape (e.g. square, oblong, hex etc) not just rings, so the tokens created can easily mix with the styles I already have from CA3+.

  14. …also I notice the tokens shown are high definition artwork. Is there any plan to upgrade CA3+ artwork to higher def as mixing CA3 and Token Treasury artwork could look a bit odd?

  15. Awesome!

  16. No, we don’t have any plans to update the resolution of CA3 artwork.

  17. Yahooo ! Looking forward to this ! Jim

  18. Having a tool to make custom tokens is great! I can’t wait for that. I’m already looking forward to screen-capping monsters from my Monster Manual to make the tokens I need for my campaigns!

    I really like the idea of the options for various borders and included information. Many uses foreseen with that.

    I’m not as interested in the default artwork, but I will reserve judgement until I own it, as with many things, I often find uses for things I didn’t think I’d need.