The return of CSUAC – more bitmap artwork for CC3

Sleeping Gold Dragon from the CSUACSeveral years ago user-created bitmap artwork from around the web (specifically the Dundjinni forums) was collected into one awesome resource package – called the CSUAC – and made available for the users of several graphics programs, among them CC3. Unfortunately this resource was lost to CC3 users a while ago, and license restrictions did not allow us to make it available again.

But fortunately we’ve now found a way to make the resource available to CC3 users while honoring the license, and Gerri Broman (Shessar on the Profantasy forum) and Mark Oliva from the Vintyri project put it into practice. Here are Gerri’s instructions from the Profantasy forum:

CSUAC for CC3 Installation Instructions

Before I get into the installation procedure for the package, I want to first point out that if you already have the CSUAC there is no need to reinstall since there are no new symbols. However, the directory structure is different from prior versions, so the two are not compatible. What this means is that any maps using symbols from prior versions will show red X’s for the symbols (the reverse is true as well). This is because the new CC3 version of the CSUAC is using the file structure and files from the Fractal Mapper 8 version of the package.

Also, please note that these symbols are not full fledged CC3/DD3/CD3 symbols. That is, they are not smart symbols, nor do they use random transformations, shading, collections, etc. They are simply the PNG files and associated CC3 catalogs.

STEP 1: Downloading all necessary files

1. Download the file and save it to your hard drive.

2. Download all of the CSUAC FM8 files from the website and save to your hard drive.

Gramaphone Symbol from CSUACThe files needed are:


NOTE: There is no file

STEP 2: Extract Files

1. Unzip the file into your root CC3 Folder (normally C:\Progam Files (x86)\Profantasy\CC3). This will create several new folders:

CC3\Bitmaps\CSUAC Fills

2. Extract the file into the CC3\Bitmaps\CSUAC Fills folder.

3. Extract the files through into the CC3\Symbols\CSUAC folder.

Blaster Symbol from CSUACSTEP 3: Adding Menu Buttons for the CSUAC

1. Navigate to your root CC3 folder

*If you don’t have a fcw32.imn file in this directory

Copy the fcw32.imn file from CC3\Menu\csuac_menu into your root CC3 folder.

* If you do have the file fcw32.imn in the root CC3 directory

Navigate to the folder CC3\Menu\csuac_menu
Open the fcw32.imn file using Notepad.
Append (copy/paste) the contents of this file to your existing fcw32.imn file in the CC3 root directory.
Make sure you don’t leave any empty lines inside the file, but do make sure there is a line break after the last line of content, or CC3 will crash on startup.

2. Start CC3. Click the screen tools button (Hammer icon at the bottom of the screen), and turn on “Custom icon bar 3”. I have mine placed to the left.

3. If the new toolbar shows up blank, just restart CC3 or click on one of the “Add-on” buttons in the toobar. This will reload the menu.

The symbols are now ready for use.

18 Responses to “The return of CSUAC – more bitmap artwork for CC3”

  1. Also need to edit csuac_humanoids.mnc – references Orcs.fsc, where catalogue is Orc.fsc (or rename the catalogue…)

  2. @Ian R Malcomson, Thanks Ian, I’ll let the creators know.

  3. @Ian R Malcomson,

    Thanks for catching the error!

    Please re-download the and extract it into your CC3 folder again. When asked it you want to overwrite the files, say Yes. There is no need to download all of the FM8 files again.

    As an alternative, navigate to CC3\Symbols\CSUAC\CSUAC_CC3_Humanoid and rename the Orc.fsc to Orcs.fsc. (Note the s on orcs)

    Sorry for the mistake. The typo gremlin has truck again. 😉

  4. @Gerri Broman, Welcome! Blindingly quick on the fix – kudos 🙂

  5. I hit a snag trying to follow your directions. Just re-downloaded CC3 after losing it in a fix-wipe from my company. At Step 3, I’m not finding the fcw32.imn file you mention (just the exe) and I cannot follow the nav-path you give. CC3 has no Menu folder. A folder called Menu-Help doesn’t have the file, nor does any other folder I open. No idea how to continue here.

  6. I done all the steps but something not work correctly. The creatures icon function normally, but the other icon buttons like equipment, vehicles, animals, humanoids, etc. don’t show the symbols, only appear the “x” symbol (the CC don’t recognize the symbols).

  7. @Will,

    I had the same problem. Go ahead and copy over the menu folder only. That seemed to do the trick for me.

  8. @Carlos, Have you downloaded all the other FM8 bitmaps from the Vintyri site, and unzipped them to the correct location?

  9. @ralf, Thanks! I unzipped all the files at the same time, and only the first file unzipped properly. I unzipped one by one and now work corrceclty.

  10. @Mike G, thanks for the assistance. I don’t have a Menu folder anywhere inside CC3. The utility WORKS, but I cannot find the file or the path because that folder simply isn’t there. No regular Menu, no CSUAC/Menu. Ack!

  11. @Will,
    I’m sorry you are having problems. I haven’t been ignoring you. I’ve just been trying to figure out why you are having this issue.

    Look in your root CC3 Folder. Do you have a second CC3 Folder inside it? If so, drag and drop it over top of your root CC3 folder. All should be well after this.

    I may have messed up the folder structure when creating the original zip file. Let me know if this works for you. If not, I’ll stick with you until we can get it figured out.


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  13. @ralf, I am having the same problem as Carlos but I did unzip them all one by one and put them in the appropriate folders.

    any ideas?


  14. @Donovan, double-check your folder locations. If it still doesn’t work please submit a tech support request.

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