The Noteboard Offer

Special Offer: Until next Monday you can get 17% off two or more Noteboards from or That’s 2 for $20. Use this voucher code at payment: ACR7CVRC

We love maps here at ProFantasy Software, but not just the computer generated kind (which we really, really love). We also love hand drawn scribbles, dungeon tiles, battlemats and Google Maps. So, when two of my game group brought this wonderful accessory to our gaming session, I was impressed. All tucked away, it looks like this.

It’s The Noteboard, a durable, portable dry-erase whiteboard, which folds into a pouch which you can use as an eraser.

In use, it looks like this:

I rushed onto the internet to buy one and, long story short, Ralf, Mark and I bought the company from the founder.

Here is a video review of the Noteboard over on Play Unplugged.

Here are some examples of the Noteboard in use – the first from Kevin Kulp
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The second from Korvar the Fox

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4 Responses to “The Noteboard Offer”

  1. This sounds pretty neat but… Is there an actual offer here? Or at least a link to where you can buy it?

  2. Sorry, the post was accidentally published a little early. The offer is now available at the top.

  3. Ah, perfect 🙂

  4. That is awesome. I keep my library on my laptop and dice that I take where ever I go. I ordered two of those that I can take with me at all times now. WOOT.