The Dungeons of Schley

In February last year, Mark Fulford and I flew to Phoenix to meet CAD guru Mike Riddle and expert programmer and ProFantasy mainstay Peter Olsson. Serendipitously, cartography Mike Schley lives in Phoenix, so we agreed to meet.

By this stage Mike Schley was developing an overland map style for use in the forthcoming CC3+, but as a result of our conversation we also agreed that he would create an entirely new symbol set, too. It’s an unashemedly fantasy-oriented dungeon-bashing style, with the complete set of symbols you get with DD3 and Fantasy Floorplans.

We’ve kept this one under our hat, but we are now ready to announce, The Dungeons of Schley!

We’ve still got to do some work perfecting the effects to make it look just right, but here are some sneak peaks:

Click on the main dungeon map and symbol selection for a higher res version.

Mike Schley Dungeon Small

symbols small



 MS_Screenshot1 small


2 Responses to “The Dungeons of Schley”

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  2. This looks fantastic, thanks!
    While I love Mike’s overland maps, I like his dungeon maps even more, I think they’re the best combination that I’ve come across of ‘old school d&d’ meets modern photoshop technique.
    As soon as I saw the news that he was designing an overland style for CC3+ I hoped that you’d get together to produce a dungeon style as well. I can’t wait! (But I’ll have to…)